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The offseason...

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    The offseason... boring, boring, boring.

    So, question time. Who's the biggest disappointment we ever traded for?

    Al "Wild Thing" Iafrate? Kevin Stevens?

    I'm putting my money on The Net Detective, Jim Carey. That guy blew.

    Which leads us to question #2. What player, past or present, would you like to have seen in a Bruins uniform, regardless of era, starpower, finances, etc?

    Present: Brenden Morrow, Dustin Brown.

    Past (in their primes): Wendel Clark, Scott Stevens, Todd Bertuzzi, Brendan Shanahan. Bertuzzi was a beast back before the lockout; before his unfortunate "incident".  I think Shanahan would have been an awesome Bruin to ride shotgun with Oates, Neely, Janney, etc.
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    Re: The offseason...

    Man wendell clark would have been AWESOME in black and gold.

    My past choice would have to be an obvious one, but he was such a leader and offensive force would be Steve Yzerman

    And my current choice is that I am actually excited to see Yannick Riendeau develop. I know the NHL and AHL are worlds apart from the QMJHL but watching this guy play in the playoffs this spring was great fun! I thought he was the only ray of light on a far outclassed Drummondville team with the exception of their goalie Coussineau who also stood out. Tiny dude though.
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    Re: The offseason...

    Well, if you watched the Sox last night, you can take some comfort in the fact that a hockey game broke out in the second inning. Laughing

    They all sucked pretty equally, but I'm going with Kevin Stevens. Never has a player been signed for such money, had a major sense of anticipation following him and been such a big letdown.
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    Re: The offseason...

    i'll agree with you on carey. as for guys that would be great in black and gold, homeboy roenick in his day would have been great. scott stevens of his day would give the B's the physical play they're looking to get back. going further, which modern-era B's would you like to have back from whatever took them from us? I'm going with 1990 Neely before the knee problems and 1999 Dafoe before his contract and lock-out induced collapse. At his prime Dafoe was Vezina callibre (unfortunately that year he lost to Hasek) and the 1-2 of Thomas Dafoe would put Thomas-Fernandez to shame.
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    Re: The offseason...

    Biggest disappontment: Ian Moran. What a tool.

    Who I'd like to have in a Bruins uniform now: Sawchuck

    Present: Dustin Brown, Shea Weber, Jarome Iginla
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    Re: The offseason...

    Biggest Dissapointment: Joe Juneau, guy looked so promising, and then not so much.

    Who Id like to see now: Rick Nash. Most potential in the NHL imo. The big center you need to win a cup, and missing since Joe was traded.

    Who Id like to see in their pime:  Patrick Roy. The player I detested the most.