Can I remember you my post here  of the sept / 9 ?
When all the focus here were on Kessel departure.
Thomas contract. lol A stupid 20M$ gift buddy to buddy.
This club is going nowhere with Jacobs and his clown brass.

The real mistake

posted at 9/22/2009 12:15 PM EDT

20 millions$ for the 35 year old Thomas is the real mistake of P.C.
Rask( Good deal for P.C.) and Sabourin can make a good job for less and keep money for Kessels or others good young players like him.
P.C. knows it. But PC was afraid critics. It does all to keep his job some more years. Thomas was too popular for loose him. Now watch the old man loose his ability and become the next buyout like Murray and Schaefer.

The biggest importance for a NHL club is  popularity, because Popularity = Fans = Money.  Not a Stanley cup(Very expensive the following year)