Let's see ....three games in against three very good teams and we get two loses. I think we all should leave town and forget there is a hockey team here. Or perhaps whine like little girls that don't get their way.Sell the team. Darn they're not playing the way I want Whaaa!! THIS IS HOCKEY PEOPLE!!!!! This is why you enjoy it when they play well. It's not easy in this sport to have all cylinders firing all year and into the playoffs. Anyone who has played or watched hockey (not just the B's) would know there is no reason to freak. If they still play like this in January then yea. If I'm not mistaken the STANLEY CUP CHAMPS were not in the playoff race late in the year, were they? This team is not much different than last years. They will come around and play well, but don't expect a team to play the same year after year, game after game!!. Oh look Nashville and Pheonix, Atlanta, Ottowa are front runners for the cup, they have more wins than loses!! Get a grip Boston, take a pill and go watch the overpaid drugies in Anahiem play that boring, easy game, and wave your pink hats, you know the game no one complains about with extremely high tix prices and the same crappy food concesions? most of you NEED to learn THE GRASS IS ALWAYS GREENER!!!!