I know we have all these draftpicks . it looks like We will be rebuilding from scratch starting next year. . i get such a kick out of everyone on the board who thinks next years draft is going to take us to the promise land next year. It will be a slow process that honestly may not come even in 5 years  .
rask big question mark at 169 lbs and only playing 90 % non playoff teams this year he is not a sure vezina winner.  and can he keep healthy as a number one.. 
but he has promise . 
Thomas do the guy a favor trade him to a contending team. no use to make him stay through the bad times that are coming once we rebuild.
bergeron we can not pay him 6 or 7 million he will be gone . defense needs completely overhauled wideman  , hunwick  ,ferrance need to be gone. I know a lot of people will disagree but stewart is only okay and will demand a huge pay increase . I would alot rather have a guy like siedenburg. sturm,recchie  paille. begin, thorton, and satan have no place on a rebuilding team. And to be honest I don't think chara will stay . He will want and can go to a contending team. So basically I'm saying were in trouble for the next few years even with the draftpicks