Absolute phukcing garbage!!! No offensive zone presence, dead weight galore, PP is a phukcing joke...I could go on. Fire CJ, for phukc sakes PC, make a phukcing trade, I'm sick and phukcing tired of watching this sorryass, lame duck bunch of deadbeats get shutout or held to one phukcing goal night after phukcing night. I don't care who's sick of discussing it, TRADING KESSEL WAS A HUGE PHUKCING MISTAKE!!! This team has no one who can score. Wheeler, Krecji, Ryder, Sturm & Recchi are all completely phukcing useless!!! What the phukc are we going to do, blow the season, taking it up the a_ss from sh!tty teams like the Islanders every night (who the phukc is Matt Moulson anyhow?) Blow this sorryass phukcing garbage team up. Forget about the Leafs pick, our own is going to be #1 overall! I'M PHUKCING PI$$ED!!