In Response to Re: Thrashers 'not trying to exploit' black players in marketing.:
[QUOTE]How about some white guys in nba , is it because they can't jump? You sound stupid or are you going to start the poor me next.Take your racist comments some where else.
Posted by michaelf101[/QUOTE]

You sound rather reactionary in your words.  If you actually did read my comments, not only do I praise Kane, Buyfuglien and the other players, I only state that I would much rather believe they are Thrashers due to their talents and not their colour.  That's all.

I agreed with Fletcher and his excellent example of one of my absolute fave B's, Terry O'Reilly and his Irish heritage being so popular in Boston.  I said I understood a team in a non-traditional market having a player appeal to a particular segment of the population.  I don't I suggest, infer, hint or imply any sense of racial injustice.