Time to put TT in net

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    The ignore button is your friend fellas. Let's get all the trolls off of this board!
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    Re: Time to put TT in net

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    In Response to Re: Time to put TT in net : Depends on the shots.  If your defense is keeping the shots to outside the circles, keeping the front of the net clean, and clearing rebounds, and your save percentage is .950, that might not be as impressive as an .888 when you've been faced with half a dozen breakaways, 2 on 1s, and cross-ice feeds when the D is out of position. Come to think of it, they should break save% down the way they do the grid for where teams score from.  You'd have one percentage for shots above the circles, one for the half walls, one for the side of the net, one for the slot, one for the rush and one for the PP.  Then that stat would tell you more about the goalie than the team D.
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    Hey BB! I actually had a coach do something similar. He got whoever was the backup that night to mark down where the shots came from & which were saves & goals. If there was an area where the we were getting beat a lot? The next practice he'd make us take 100 shots from that area. In our 2nd year with this coach we discovered that my goalie partner was nearsighted. He would be almost unbeatable in close, but we'd lose 3-2 & the game winner would be scored between the center line & the blue line. We'd do a 1 & 1 rotation & I guess his nearsightness happened in the off season. Took about 5 of his starts before we figured it out.