I am surprised that no one has brought this up or atleast I havnt seen it about Kostopoulos's sucker punch to Timonen on saturday after the flyers scored to put the game away. Carbo said Kostopoulous was justified in taking that shot to Timonen because Timonen supposedly turned around and smiled as the flyers were skating away. Oh MY #### GOD the guy smiled at him!!! Big #### deal!!!! To come from behind and sucker punch someone this guy should be suspended. It's a joke!!! And I never thought I would ever stick up for the flyers because I hate them too, they put 2 significant players of ours out of comission for the season. But I am so sick of watching the Canadiens and their cowardly crap, the cheapshots, the diving, running their mouths and backing down from a man to man fight. It is just so sickening. I am sure Timonen did something to provoke it, but the cheapshot was out of line. The�habs players talk a lot of #### out there too. �Carbo is an idiot, he said, "it was just another hit in the playoffs."� My hatred for this team and their coach continues to grow. It's disgusting.