Today is the Day

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    Today is the Day

    Our Team is showing some spark and so should we.
    Today we get a W and things will turn around.
    Lucic and Savy is getting better, Chara is showing some fire.
    Wideman is making better moves. Things will improve and we will be back in a playoff spot before the Olimpic break.

    Bergeron will back flying high after winning the Gold and lead the Bruins the rest of the way. Managment will make an adition or two before Mar 3rd. Thomas will be inspired and stand on his head for us, our D will be complete. A solid Bruins crew with a bit of swager back ready for the playoffs. It all starts to unfold Today.

    Come on now guys, there is still time to turn this around.

    Go Bruins Go
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    Re: Today is the Day

    yes today we win..and we will follow it up tom with another....grab some pts before break...