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Tradeable Assets

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    Tradeable Assets

    Here is a list of players that I think Boston would trade and could get something back, whether it is in a package with picks or a straight swap with another player.

    1. Mark Recchi: A team like Pittsburgh would love him back now, especially since he is near the top of the league in power play goals.

    2.Steve Begin: solid hard working 4th liner.  A softer team such as Tampa could use him, good on the penalty kill.

    3. Derek Morris: Gets assists, although he makes some ill advised cross ice passes that usually go for icing instead of connecting.

    4. Wideman: don't see him traded, but as a swap trade he could go, or along with a boston 2nd rounder for a better player.

    5. Ryder: He is here only because the Bruins are openly shopping him.  He s*cks though, don't see how anyone would take him.

    Don't expect Lucic, Krejci, Rask, or Wheeler to be traded, they are too young and Chiarelli cannot know yet whether this year is just a really bad year for them or they inherently are what they've shown this season.
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    Re: Tradeable Assets

    Hey shaunk,

    I don't think the players mentioned will net us much in return but I do agree we should be shopping players and letting the young guys play out the season.

    For the right price I would add Thomas and Lucic to that list.  Teams in need of a goalie (like philly/chicago) may come knocking.  
    No one in their right mind takes Ryder...I said it when he signed that he is brutal.  He is my least favorite on the team and I think they should just ut him down in the AHL and let him rot.  

    Sturm would be another that I would offer up.  As long as we net some picks we are laughing.  If a player like Wideman can get us a young player or one locked under a good contract I would do that as well.  

    This team needs to rebuild for the future...and don't shoot me...but Chara would net us a huge amount...can you imagine him in Washington...they have a lot of talent and I don't see Chara taking us to teh cup anytime soon.  I see him as a big man thats starting to break down...he isnt nearly as dominant and he seems to have lost that nasty edge...he needs to be more like Pronger 
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    Re: Tradeable Assets

    I believe Sturm has a no trade clause.  Ryder will be moved.  The Bruins return will be cap space, maybe a low draft pick or some journeyman player.  I'm not sure why everyone is so ready to dump a 21 year old Lucic?  He's been injured, still isn't 100% and most of the time he was in the lineup Savard was out. 

    They are 4 points out of 6th with 3 games in hand on Montreal - despite 10 OT losses.  As bad as this offense has been they are still in the playoff hunt.  Savard and Lucic will continue to heal and get back to form.  Krejci has been pickingup his game and Wheeler has scored a bit lately (missed a docka against the Caps')  Stuart will be back after the break.  A hot goaltender can carry a team in the playoffs.
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    Re: Tradeable Assets

    i agree somewhat with teibore1, its only 4 points, but with every day passing, it is slipping away, i think 3 games ago, ryder and wideman should of been benched, and a deal of some kind made, not a blockbuster but even if it is for a keith tkachuk, he is still a leader, but if u only give up a 3rd pick and a minor leaguer, then do it, but i think it may be too far gone by now
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    Re: Tradeable Assets

    shakuk,  i think your post was right on. I believe all of those guys could and should be on the block. I also believe we wont get much in return except cap space and maybe a low draft pick. Either way i think it is important to make a move to clear some dead wood and clear space for a possible trade of picks for a better player. I also agree we are a hot goalie away from making the playoffs (not that I am blaming any of our losses recently on the goalies)

    The Only player I would add to the list is Wheeler. My reasons are that he is not a consistent scorer (granted he is young) and we need that. He has value and could net us somthing in return. It will also shake up the young players that if you dont perform then you will be moved too.

    Does anyone know the status of Wheelers contract?

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    Re: Tradeable Assets

    I don't see the Bruins being seller at the trading deadline.  The management, coaching staff and players still feel like they can turn this thing around.  The only one i see being trade is Ryder.
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    Re: Tradeable Assets

    they better take another look then...b/c this team isn't good.  I don't wanna see them tank the season but it isnt gonna beat any of the top 4 teams in round one...