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Trap This

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    Trap This

    Claude Julien said the trap that Paul Maurice has chosen to defend against the attack has prevented the Bruins from gaining clean entries and sustaining their cycling game. Aside from a stretch of the second period in Game 4, the Bruins have had little success playing in Carolina's zone.

    "They play four guys back," Julien said. "They just wait for us in the neutral zone. It's something a little surprising coming from Paul. I know he used to complain about that last year in Toronto about us killing with the trap. But that's what they've done. They've created a pretty tough situation for us as far as getting in. We've got to find a way to get pucks in and play more in their own end."

    Paul Maurice was informed that Claude Julien described Carolina's system as featuring four men back with players waiting in the neutral zone.

    "We actually don't trap," Maurice answered. "There are worse things than the trap, by the way. There are more defensive schemes than the trap. We don't. And he knows it."

    Why is it that every time the Hurricanes start to do well in the playoffs, the opposing Coach starts to whine.  If Julien had bothered to coach his team at all, they wouldn't be looking at a 3-1 deficit.

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    Re: Trap This

    Anyways who cares if your team traps ! whatever it takes to win. No ?
    Now the Bruins just need to find a way.
    but Skelton your comments on Julien are uncalled for. Talk smart,  please.
    Maurice is no genius . Did you see him with the Leafs ???  The Bruins success is all due to their coach from last to this year.
    Bruins are not being out coached. Just your team right now playing that much better ,  the players ! 
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    Re: Trap This

    "If Julien had bothered to coach his team at all, they wouldn't be looking at a 3-1 deficit"

    You're right. Julien doesn't coach his boys. He just stands there in his Armani suit hoping for the best and makes roster decisions on the basis of an eight ball he's got on his desk, right next to a picture of anthony robbins, who comes in after hours to motivate the team. It's all a huge scam and you heard it here first.

    And as we all know, Kessel is actually from Krypton and Chara is the product of a German eugenics project from 1936.