The right move for the Bruins this offseason is to get rid of guys like Leetch, Zhamnov, Boynton, and Gill with big salaries and after we get rid of them we'll have some money to work with and the team below has players that the B's should try and go after. The first line will stay the same. I would only keep Murray only if they would sign a guy like Savard. Savard is a great passer who could set him up like Thornton and Afinogenov is a quick player and similar to the way Samsonov used to be. We would have a pretty potent top 2 lines. Hinote and Grier I think would work well with Axelsson. On the defensive side, Redden, McCabe, and Stuart are 3 very good defenseman with good offensive touch which the B's lacked all year. Keith Carney is a very solid veteran defenseman who could provide sound defense and good leadership. Tanabe is okay with pretty good speed and I think Mark Stuart is going to develop into a good defenseman and he would get better working with such a talented group. Then I think Thomas and Toivonen can take care of the goaltending duties. Knowing the Bruins most likely nothing this good could possibly happen, but anyway it's the thought that counts.


Boyes Bergeron Sturm

Afinogenov Savard Murray

Axellson Hinote Grier

Isbister Primeau Green


Redden McCabe

Stuart Carney

Tanabe M. Stuart