As the rest of b's fans i was a little pissed he didnt at least plug the hard to play against torres to the line up which wouldn't have costthat much nd maybe see about resigning him peter he is an upgrade over satan so quit the bull sh!t now what's done is done but if petey didn't think our team could compete this year which i can live with why didnt he pull the trigger last year at the deadline when the team was one of the best thats the problem i and probably all of you have i think petey has a hard time trading for now as was shown over the last three deadlines. when your team loses 11 in a row and still in the hunt we really werent playing that bad minus the scoring we were well above 500 with all the injuries so i think it is pretty evident petey dont have the balls or imagination to deal when the team needs it the most now i ask all of you he has done a good job but can such a passive man lead this team to the promise land