Just wondering if anyone had any idea's or have heard any rumour's about what the Bruins management has been up to over the past few weeks as I haven't heard of anything on the local site's or other site's. Being from Nova Scotia I don't get much information on the Bruins here through the local media beside's what every other Canadian team is up to. Wouldn't mind hearing from some of you guys on what your thought's were on what the Bruins were up to or if there is any real deals that might be in the making before training camp begins. Myself I would like to see some youngster's get a shot with the big club this year as for Krejci I believe this kid belongs and should stay with the Bruins this season and maybe young defensman such as lashoff an stuart and maybe not making a move for a ufa and spending the money needed for a guy like D Markov. But let's keep some of that money and put it towards some scoring on a player that can put the puck in the net. So let's hope our GM can get it together and stop with the band aid fixe's as they have been doing over the last few years and letting the kids play and maybe finding someone who can put the puck in the net besides passing the puck first. Peter Schafer will be a suprise to us this year as he will get regular icetime and I think he can put the puck in the net with a regular shift. So let's hear what anyone else has been hearing what the Bruins have been up to over the past few weeks and is there any real rumours out there besides those crazy ridiculous rumours that eklund comes up with on hockeybuzz.com. The Bruins might not make the playoff's this year but they have some great prospect's in the system to build upon for years to come and they may be a force when these kid's develope if they don't get traded before they get there chance to do so.... Let's hope not. Maybe in 4 or 5 year's we will see this team back in the playoffs and going deep into the playoff's.