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    Internet rumors are dumb.  There is no one in the league, not even Ovechkin, Crosby or Getzlaf, who could propel this lazy, poor squad to a respectable level.

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    Trades take time they don't happen in one phone call and you can't look desperate. Small little filler trades will not work at this point. In the Ottawa Sun it was mentioned that allot of scouts have been were seen in Boston in the stands scouting players.

    Everyone is acting like the Bruins are one game away from being mathematically eliminated from the playoffs. Come down "The Sky is falling!"

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    he.ll ride it out with what he has now ,dump salaries if possable  build for next year/hoping t the picks he has works out ,waiting game at this stage 
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    Kessel for 3 high draft picks.  One could be Taylor Hall, Tyler Seguin or Cam Fowler.  Another could be trade bait for a skilled sniper.  And the 3rd could bring a quality prospect to Providence.  Then there's the Savard contract for cap friendly wizardry.

    I'd say he's doing better than most of our recent GM's.  If we get a top 3 pick out of this Kessel dump, he's going to look like a f'ing genius.

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    Hey Bim, if that is the route that PC is going to take then why not dump Chara and his over priced salary now to a contender.  I would try and shop Thomas as well to free up some money.  Those two are VERY easily replaced with what we have.

    I still don't think one of those top 3 picks will make an impact in the NHL the way that Tavares or Kane are.  That said, time for the B's to decide who stays and who goes, enough playing around with 15 third liners.  You need 2 strong lines that can score, one tough line, and a fourth that can eat minutes when called on. 
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    I was just listening to Cam Neely on 98.5 the sports hub. He said there looking to make deals but being so close to the cap it hard.
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    You don't know anything about pro hockey as either a sport or a business do you?

    The Bruins have allowed less goals than all but four teams in the NHL. How is that a defense that's been ruined?


    You clearly don't know squat about hockey either: 1 Thomas despite the utter lack of support in 1/3 of his games, is still a top 15 sv% goalie. Chara is 19th in scoring for defensemen, with no Bruins forward in the top 60 for for scoring. Chara has 96 hits in 51 games this season, which is down only slightly in hits per game from last years 2.11 per game.
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    Bogsk8t, imagine if Paille could finish.  That's what a Taylor Hall would bring to this team.  That seems like impact to me.  Hall can fly and has touch.

    Fowler just makes me go, wow.  He is so talented its scary.  He will win the Norris early in his career.

    Seguin has hands.  Hands, hands, hands, I love that kids skill!  I swear, I think he's Russian..

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    bogsk8r, they may not make a immediate impact like those two did, but their respective potentials are extremely high, given that Hall has been compared to Pavel Bure and Seguin's style fits that of Joe Sakic, two players who teams would kill to have for their career. Not quite sure who Fowler is supposed to look like but his talent speaks for itself.
    As for Chiarelli he's like the majority of the GM's in the league, a few good mistakes, a few bad ones. While he has made some stupid moves, signing Savard to the long term and getting Rask for a fraction of the price he would've received at the end of the season as a restricted free agent are brilliant moves. Rask is in for $1.2 mil for two years after this year, at the end of the deal it will look like highway robbery on Chiarelli's part. As for Thomas' deal I'm conflicted. Yes he's not the goalie he was last year and yea he's overpaid right now and gives up soft goals, but he's still putting up above average numbers in the league given a terrible team in front of him. His presence also doesn't rush Rask and risk ruining him like the Bruins did with Raycroft and Toivonen and like what's happening to Steve Mason now.
    Chiarelli's career defining moment will be from now until the draft. He has the chance to become a top 5 GM if he plays his cards right, or he could become a bottom 5 GM if he doesn't. He hasn't had to make a blockbuster trade or make a big shakeup before in his career, so it's hard to judge what's ruined the Bruins and what's saved them. 
    This year has been a wash, that's clear to see from no matter what angle you're sitting at. Losing Kessel hurt the team, regardless of how he's playing now or what happened during the contract talks his goal scoring would be an immense help right now. Getting Taylor Hall could erase his loss with one pick, leaving the other two to be just gravy, and if picked correctly make the trade a steal. For now we just have to wait and see how this charade unfolds, and please stop with the sky is falling stuff people if you want to see what it's like to watch a playoff team fall to the bottom of the league in one season look at the Flyers from 05-06 to 06-07. They ended up getting the 2nd overall pick and taking James Van Riemsdyk, not exactly the worst thing in the world given his production as a rookie and his potential.
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    Oh and the Flyers made it back to the playoffs the following year, so it's not like they were in rebuilding mode.
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    BruinsKing show me the link where pro scouts were predicting Versteeg would score 30 goals a year ? GMs don't make mistakes...

    Show me the links where Versteeg had better stats than Bochenski in the minors Please ?

    Yah Boston should fire a GM whom might have gotten the Bruins Hall, Taylor or Sequin GOOD ONE! Not to mention Tampa's 2nd rounder this year (which is basically a first rounder because it's the lightnings pick) with Recchi for Matt Lashoff.

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    I'm not sure how I feel about it, but if you look at the evidence, I think you'll see that Chiarelli's got a strategy for managing salaries.  Chara and Savard, signed under Gorton but following Chiarelli's direction, got high-market deals to get them under contract immediately.  They immediately became the top D and top F on the team, so their relative value for the Bruins was probably higher than average.  They signed Wideman and Ryder to their deals, which are definitely over-valued at the moment, because they wanted to show a commitment to upgrading the team aggressively.  Say what you want about Lucic this year, but I bet his contract would prove to be market value if he had hit the RFA market.

    As a result of the culture and image these moves created, Savard is now signed to a below-market deal - arguably a $2M/season savings.  Krejci's deal looked below-market when he signed it, and it's a good bet it will prove worthwhile over time.  Wheeler, with his choice of suitors, choose the Bruins.  Recchi took a cheap deal to come back for a last shot.  Morris took less than he was looking for (though still more than some expected).

    So the lesson is that Chiarelli has no qualms about diverging from market value for the player's skill set if he thinks bringing the player in will have ancillary benefits for the team's culture and its attractiveness to other players.  When Ray went to Colorado, I remember Joe Sakic, one of the least mouthy players in the league, openly mocking the Bruins as an organization.  When O'Connell dealt The Problem?  Same reaction.  This team needed to be rehabbed as a place to play.  I think that process is well under way; more stability, not less, will keep the Bruins on track to become the kind of destination players choose - and that will help attract and retain the talent necessary to win the Cup.

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    The GM job is to build a roster that is capable of playing the caliber of Hockey to compete for a Championship.  This team has a foundation to build on.  The COACHES job is to mold the Team to compete day in and day out consistently to do this as well.  The Coach of this team is not succeding at this and his team has regressed substantially.

    Now it is time for the GM to recognize this and hold him accountable for his actions and his inability to create a culture for his players to succeed.

    Take a lesson from New Jersey---- CJ's act is not working here.  Pittsburgh was in this situation last year and reacted to it by changing its leadership behind the bench and it worked out well for them.  Its time for action PC--- get some balls,  do what is right for this team before its too late.  Roseanne is getting ready to sing and it is not going to be pretty.