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    Re: Wheeler

    Nice try bim, but nothing was fabricated there.  Watch the replay, watch Bergeron, look at where Wheeler is looking.  You want to disagree with my interpretation of what I'm seeing fine, but I'll stand by the general point that Wheeler is no passer based on innumberable rushes he killed in the last year and a half by making bad decisions distributing the puck.  I'll trust to the weight of evidence.
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    Re: Wheeler

    Wheeler would lose one on one battles with opposing teams centers anyways doesn't have the heart or nads for it. One thing I'll say for Blake so far no offsides and ridiculous Marchand penalties yet but that's not good enough he needs goals or he's useless to this offensive challenged team.

    PC isn't going to bury Sturm in the minors whom has an NTC. Caron just might have played Wheeler right off this team as far as cap space. Wheeler still refuses to drive to the net which Jordan has no problem with. Blake and a pick can fetch much more than Paille, Hunwick and Ryder combined.

    Blake better find that shaving cream soon or it's bye, bye.
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    Re: Wheeler

    Wheeler is skating as well as he did in '08-'09.  No, he couldn't score in a brothel with a hand full of $100's.  But he probably could get you set up.  And i'd at least show him my gratitude by finishing..

    Whether or not that pass was intended for Bergy doesn't bother me nearly as much as the 7 million dollar defensemen who received it and did nothing with it.
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    Re: Wheeler

    In Response to Re: Wheeler:
    Wheeler was instrumental in the Caron goal. He gained the zone, held it up, picked out Chara for the initial shot and showed a bit of hussle in the slot so NJ could only clear as far as Boychuk. He made a contribution even though he didn't end up with the assist.
    Posted by Kurako

    Thanks for pointing that out -- I'm trying to look for something positive and all I saw last night (AGAIN) was a guy totally in munchkinland. I really want him to excell -- but he's either snake bitten or just clueless.
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    Re: Wheeler

    Beat me to it, BsLegion.  The powerplay futility is certainly hurting the scoring of the D.  That said, I still worry that this team is a little too much like the 2004 edition of the Bruins in makeup.  What was the F/D scoring ratio on that team?
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    Re: Wheeler

    I read somewhere that Chiarelli said he had "surprisingly little interest" when shopping Wheeler this past summer.  Or words to that effect.
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    Re: Wheeler


    Great reference - Wheeler is the Hal Gill of forwards.

    I don't hate the guy, but on this team and in this market he will never be a top guy nor is his role worth 2.2 million.  Perhaps he can be that guy for another team.

    Most importantly we can't keep everyone and someone has to go.  Wheeler has more trade value and may be replaced by Caron anyway.

    PS changed screen name from Bruinsin2010 for obvious reasons.