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Who The Bruins Should Trade For:

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    Re: Who The Bruins Should Trade For:

    In Response to Re: Who The Bruins Should Trade For::
    hi to TryToBearIt, one of the main reasons why our defense is good is because of Patrice...I just wouldnt trade him, too young, too important of a player and would benefit if we would keep him and get a scorer like Kovalchuk to be on the same team with. Lucic & Toronto's #1, no doubt i would do that in a heartbeat, but Atlanta wouldnt....I think Lucic is a solid toughguy player, but his comparisons to Neely arent really worthy....Neely was a gifted goal scorer. I know Lucic is young still, very young, but he doesnt have the speed, accuracy or instincts like a Neely had...he could be a 15-20 goal scorer someday, but just cant picture him getting more than with him being so physical, hes probably going to have his fare share of injuries. like this year.... Bergie's concussion is close to or more than 2 years old now, hes totally fine...and it shows this year that he is more than fine.... Any player playing the game is one hit away from a career ending injury, Bergie is 100% fine from his concussion, that is just something we dont have to worry about and we really shouldn't...can't control injuries. Back to our trade talk, you can't look at it like the Bruins owe us because you can say that about Chicago, Philly, Toronto, so many teams have had a long time between Cups...We have been spoiled by Sox, Pats, Celts, and of course we would love all our teams to be #1. But i never feel like they owe us..we had a phenominal year last year, just weird fluky things happened you cant control. But the Bruins had have one of the best overall teams in the NHL, they got a great coach, the front office is improved from the 90s...we kept Savvy long term....they have done a lot for us Bruins just need some luck for it all to personally i just wouldnt gamble breaking up our core Savvy, Bergie, Krejci, Rask. Actually Atlanta was pretty good with Savvy & Hossa, they made the playoffs, won their division, just didnt get far in the playoffs just like what happens with the Bruins....You need a solid team lines 1-4, having one line isnt going to do it, and taking Bergie away would make us a 2 line team...we dont have another Center who can replace i said his Defense, and Faceoffs is tops in the league for a rather trade a winger like Wheeler and lots of draft picks, and a few Providence players if we can....and by the deadline Atlanta might not have a lot of options as so many teams are at their max Cap, they may not get any better offers. only Carolina will have a better pick, and they are not going to go after Kovalchuk.....Kovalchuk is worth giving up that Toronto #1 pick...he is once in a lifetime player...Before Ovechkin came into the league, he was the #1 goal scorer in the NHL....but keep our depth, keep Bergie, and see if Wheeler, #1 Toronto, some other picks, and some Providence guys may get him....Atlanta didn't get that much when they traded Hossa, so you never know.... sorry this was so long!
    Posted by morphosis1974

    Morphosis---I don't care if your post was long--it's one of the best I've ever read.

    Hard to argue w/any of your points, ESPECIALLY since your the ONLY Bruins fan I've heard from that has the eaxact same take on Lucic that I do. I'm by no means anti-Lucic, it's just that when (most) fans say he'll be the "next Cam Neely" it drives me crazy. He's a fine player to have for his size and toughness but he'll never be more than a 25-goal scorer per season, tops. He just doesn't have Neely's uncanny, once-in-a-generation combo of hard-checking AND goal-scoring ability. But since Lucic is young and the PERCEPTION of him seems to be one that he's an elite player w/nothing but upside, I feel his trdae value will never be higher and he should be included in any conversation that could land the Bruins an eite sniper.

    I guess you've persuaded me that Bergeron is un-touchable. His play continues to amaze me and he is a quality kid w/toughness and grit and natural talent. Plus, the idea of being 3-deep at center w/Savvy and Krejci is too good to break up.

    But as to the "what the B's owe us" argument, this is where I may have to disagree slightly. it could have something to do w/our ages and how long we've been watching this team. For me, I've followed them every season since the mid 70's and I admit it--I'm impatient for a Cup. I don't really care that Hawks, Leafs and Flyers fans are, too...seems to me that the stretch of horrible mgt. this team gave us from 1992 onward is enough reason for payback now. I do understand it's a lot of lucky bounces that often leads to a Cup, but you do also make a lot of your own luck, and securing a sniper like Kovy would tilt the scales of lady luck a bit more in favor of the B's, I believe.

    I just hope you agree that SOMETHING  must be done to upgrade this team's offense before the playoffs. In your heart of hearts, do you really beieve that RIGHT NOW, this team could win it all?

    Keep up the good posts.
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    Re: Who The Bruins Should Trade For:

    St. Louis (the player) has a cap number of $5.25 million, but also has a year left on his contract.  A deal for him would mean having to shuffle some other salary, certainly before the start of next season.
    If St. Louis (the team) is out of the playoff picture come trade deadline, Kariya and Tkachuk both are likely to be available.  Tkachuck has almost no cap hit.  Kariya is only slightly cheaper than Kovalchuk though.   Both of them would work right at the trade deadline (in terms of fitting under tha cap).
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    Re: Who The Bruins Should Trade For:

    Kairiya intrigues me more than tchachuk b/c he's younger and probably would benefit from playing w/a guy like Savvy or Krejci. Still not as good as Kovy but it's admittedly a lot tougher to make Kovy work re: the numbers!
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    Re: Who The Bruins Should Trade For:

    Look, we can all dream about Kovy coming to Boston. It's not going to happen. If PC wasn't going to break the bank to get Hossa. It's not going to happen with Kovy. The thing is people right now the only team in the NHL that's better than the B's in the center position are the Pens. There's 3 centers that we have that can make any winger they play with better. There isn't a lot of teams out there that can roll 3 lines that have the B's POTENTIAL to score. Goaltending & Defence wins championships. Last yr with the Pens is a prime example. Game 7 with seconds remaining.  Fleury came up huge & Scuderi cleared the rebound. In 08' Game 6 seconds remaining. Osgood made the most of the save, but Ralphalski cleared the rebound. This isn't the 80's anymore where 7-5 games are common place. Team systems & defensive play is the new wave & it's even moreso in the play-offs. If the B's go after a Kovy. 1 of 2 things most likely will happen. The B's get rid of a lot of potential youth players. Like a Bergeron & Wheeler & some high end draft picks. You just weakened 2 lines & upgraded 1 & decreased your future. As B's fans we all know the death of us has been that we were a one line team for years. It killed us in the 90's. Look at the Sens vs the Ducks in 07. We don't know if Kovey can handle the play-offs. He's ONLY PLAYED 4 games. Now if a Zetterberg, or a Datsyuk was available that's a different story. You're talking high-end talent that has PROVEN they can do it in the post season. The risk is much less! I think we finally have a nucleus of youth & talent with the potential of getting more in June. Look at the success Detroit has had with some patients. Look at the losses they endured before they won. Remember Arthus Irbe & the 94 Sharks? Detroit was LOADED with offence. How many in this board can honestly say after the 06-07 season that within 2 FREAKIN YRS PEOPLE! The B's would be even remotely close of being a contender! So lets just enjoy & watch the B's get better & it will happen. I know we want a cup. God knows I do. I was in diapers the last time they won it & I don't want to be back in them by the time they win it again. I think this organization is finally getting it right. Let's not break up a good thing here for the sake of one player that doesn't guarantee anything. We're on the road of being a contender for years to come! Bringing a Kovalchuk is all well & good & yes he probably would help in offense, but it takes goaltending, defence & a mininum of 3 good lines & often some luck to win a championship. On most nights the B's have 4. I just don't see why the panic, when just 2 seasons ago in april the B's went to the dogs.

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    Re: Who The Bruins Should Trade For:

    Couple things here.
    First, Trytobearit, Kariya has a cap hit of 6 mill and is on pace for 22 goals....thats 400K less than kovalchuk, I'll pass (although with Savvy he would probably net 30).
    St.Louis is getting paid 5.25 mill, but the guys awesome. Hes scored over 40 before, hes on pace for 87 points, and hes a RW (although he is a left shot). Here is the trade I would float by Tampa (although they would probably have to fall a bit out of the playoff race before they would entertain the thought of trading a player like him) Michael Ryder, BOS 1, Zach Hamill for Martin St. Louis. Because Tampa is clearly not going anywhere this season or next, they might consider it
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    Re: Who The Bruins Should Trade For:

    wow bruins fan looking to get rid of lucic he is the team id get rid of wheeler n a 1st for kovy anyday n plz pc dont ever let byron bitz back in the lineup he is so worthless sobokta baby
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    Re: Who The Bruins Should Trade For:

    pc isn't in charge of who sits and who plays, that would be the coach, and i think bitzy is doing just fine, sobotka has been VERY VERY VERY prone to the turn over of late
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    Re: Who The Bruins Should Trade For:

    I could also see Sobotka being dangled with Hamil and pick(s) as part of a trade because Vlad might work in more of wide open system. I could see some GMs wanting him although he is an RFA after this season. Sobotka some times seems like he's out of position or he doesn't know where he needs to be. Vlad does back check and his Dmen can find him when they need to move the puck out.

    I would like to see what will come of Colborne, Sauve and Caron in development but if it means Kovalchuk or someone of that caliber pull the trigger. Martin St. Louis is not a free agent until the summer of 2011. Ryder would have to be included
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    Re: Who The Bruins Should Trade For:

    I love how people only look at the scoresheet and determine player's worth

    No respect for intangibles. Bitz doesn't score? He's a bum...

    Get a clue, will ya?

    I think this is why Chiarelli makes millions, and we sit on your computers and post on message boards
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    Re: Who The Bruins Should Trade For:

    In the list of top duos you gotta have datsyuk and zetterberg. I'm not a big fan of giving up wheeler, i think that would haunt us
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    Re: Who The Bruins Should Trade For:

    Anyone who would not trade Bergeron for Kovalchuk is just the perfect example of an overzealous, overly biased Bruins fan. We are talking about a top 5 player in the world. A Savard, Lucic, Kovalchuk line would be devastating, and instantly bring the Bruins into legit cup contender status. If you are really a fan of the Bruins this would be easily recognized as a great chance to attain a world class elite talent who could get this club to the next level. Kovalchuk is 26 yrs old and in his prime, he'd probably get 250+ goals in the next 5 yrs playing on that line in Boston.
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    Re: Who The Bruins Should Trade For:

    Hard to argue, Wensink.  Hurts a bit to say just because Bergeron was the first of the new generation Bruins, and the first home-grown Bruin in a while - since Thornton and Samsonov, really.  He's also one of those players with great intangibles - he doesn't hit as often as you might like, but he picks his spots and makes hits that affect games; he's got presence out there; he's got that ability to rise to the occasion and the level of play; and he makes guys around him better two-way hockey players.  So maybe overzealous is a bit strong.  This is a guy who will, by the time he hits 30, have the rep. of a Keith Primeau or Rod Brind'Amour, maybe a pre-Isles Trevor Linden.  If he stays in Boston past 30, he'll draw some comparisons to Yzerman in his 30s (not the insane scorer of the 80s), a guy who doesn't have to be the #1 centre to control games with his two-way play.  He'll never be a point-a-game player, but he'll probably be mid-70s every year he's healthy.  You don't trade a guy like this without some remorse even if you're getting back a world-class killer.

    But like I say, hard to argue that Kovalchuk's a demon.  It would be a tough call,  and I couldn't see it as a rental, but if you could lock K. up for a few years somehow, wow.  The SLicK line?  Brutal. 

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    Re: Who The Bruins Should Trade For:

    re: Lucic.

    The thing about this kid is that he's still developing as a hockey player.  The comparison to Neely is unfair, and an unreal expectation, but I wouldn't totally rule it out at this point.  With the Canucks, Neely's best year was 21 goals and fell off to 14 when they traded him.  Do you recall Lucic when he first got here?  First it was decent player, great fighter.  Then it was we don't want him to fight anymore.  Then he's on the first line.  At every phase of his career so far, it has been said he would never make it to the next level.  Will he be a 50 goal scorer?  Probably not, but is it impossible?  I would say no, I would give his odds at only 5%, but it is not impossible.

    His development this year will be stunted because he's been hurt so much this year.  One thing I'll say is that I'm 95% sure he will improve, the question is how much.
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    Re: Who The Bruins Should Trade For:


    Can't abide including Thomas in any trade. If there's one area I think the B's are rock-solid in it's the 1-2 TT-Rask goaltending tandem. Lose TT and you put too much pressure/exposure on Rask.

    Wideman is good trade bait but he won't bring back much...same w/Hunwick and even Wheeler. I still think a Lucic + Tor. #1 pick package would entice teams the most to give up a goal-scorer.

    Wash.-Calgary final is a real possibility but I believe this year it'll be Pitt.-Chicago or possibly SJ (they won't choke as they did last year and Heatly makes them a lot more dangerous on offense).

    But put one big sniper into this Bruins line-up and I believe we could be in the mix as well. Who and How? Well, I'm not PC, so it's not for me to say. That's why JJ pays him the "big" bucks. My point is: why wait? Why sacrifice YET ANOTHER CUPLESS YEAR saying 'oh let's be happy w/what we have--a good team that we know can't be quite good enough to reach the finals", and HOPE that next year everything clicks again and maybe we're that much closer?

    I see too many Bruins fans thinking that way. If the Kessel trade is to mean anything, it should be for the here and now, using those picks toward the end of the year to lure a difference-maker away from a non-playoff team to give the B's a better shot at playoff success.

    The B's as constituted would struggle not just against the elite teams, but also teams like Buffalo and even montreal b/c come playoff time the checking is tighter, the defenses more relentless and it's teams that have un-stoppable goal scorers that move on. If nothinh happens in trades now I could easily see the B's bowing put in a 2nd round, 7-game loss by a 2-1 score against the Sabres, Canadiens, or dare I say it--even ottawa. And that would be a real waste and shame of a season.
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    Re: Who The Bruins Should Trade For:

    Might be one of the stupidest posts ever to be put on this board. We have some of the most tough, intimidating and feared players in the league on our team. We are finally getting on a hot streak where the offense (which was anemic before) is starting to click. And we need to add a tough guy instead of a sniper? LMAO