Why does everyone "hate" Fernandez?

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    Why does everyone "hate" Fernandez?

    So many posts here state a hatred to Fernandez and think that he'll be "bought out" "sent to minors" "traded", etc!

    I think the guys played like 3 games...did record a shutout, and was playing on a bum knee. I really do believe he's going to play many games for Boston Next season and he and Thomas might have to share the net next season. Then I think at or around the deadline he or Thomas will be moved.

    So can we give the guy a chance before we pass judgement on him? He is a proven #1 goalie and if he can regain that, I think he will put up better numbers than Thomas. Don't get me wrong, I liked what Thomas did this season, but he DID give up some questionable goals this season and many of the goals against in that Montreal series could have been stopped. Any it seemed like many time the Bruins needed that "Big" save and he got beat every time.
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    Why does everyone "hate" Fernandez?

    First, I don't think Auld resigns. No way they shell out 1.5M or more for him.� Not with Rask, Timmy and Manny all capable.

    Second, Thomas was outplayed vs Price. The first goal in the series the rebound Thomas misplayed it. The TSN announcers pointed it out. (I unfortunatly had to watch it on TSN) I also didn't like how he played the first goal against in Game 7! That was tipped way out high and he was out of position. He also has problems stopping the puck behind the net on wrap arounds. He did play well and better than I had expected!

    Lastly, why rush RASK? You remember what happened to Hannu....and worse yet Raycroft. Bruins always have badluck with goalies! I call it the Curse of Moog! B's haven't had a Great Goalie since they traded him away for Jon Casey.....YUCK!

    Manny's trade value will be good if he can return and play well. Many teams will overpay for a proven NHL goalie!

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    Why does everyone "hate" Fernandez?

    Here's how i see thingsGoalies are definitely the safe position on this team. I would love to see the B's keep Auld, he carried that team when TT went down. Unfortunately, they'll prob make the "buisness" decision to not sign him. I hope he ends up somewhere good, he deserves to be a starter (I loved his reaction after that shootout win in florida. It was awesome to see). Rask should stay in the AHL one more year, lest Andrew Raycroft make a second appearance in a boston uniform. No idea what to expect for Fernandez. He was great (shutout against Rangers) and awful (6 goals against LA?????)�all with that bum knee, so I'm especially confused when it comes to him. I LOVE TIM THOMAS. He is such a fiery player, at least you know he's giving 100% every game. I'd much rather have a goalie who i know is actually alive in the net as opposed to a goalie who's trying to play it so cool he falls asleep and hands teams goals and games (aka price-metropolit). Desperate need of forwards who can score a GOOOOOOAAAAAAAALLLLLL. This is where all the acquisitions the B's make in the offseason should go to.�For the people who blame TT for the series loss to the Habs, TT actually has nothing to do with the offense, who got shutout TWICE. You will win precisely ZERO games if you don't put the puck in the net.�I really believe Hossa is coming to Boston, and he might even sacrifice money to get here with all the incentives drawing on him (bf is Chara, Savard is another friend). If not him, it'll be Malone. Pittsburg has way to many free-agents coming this offseason to hold on to everyone. Ferrence, Allen and probably Hnidy are gone, although I really liked him in the playoffs. I hope to God they sign Ward back, that guy is worth his weight in gold, and his injuries are only a result of his complete disregard for his body in making sure pucks stay away from the net. Wideman really came through this year, but he still needs alot of work. Chara is a Norris Trophy Finalist and it definitely wasnt by accident. The guy has set career marks in goals scored and points this year, and played the last leg of the season with a bum shoulder. I also think Lashoff will come up for good next year. Chirelli knows what he has to do, and he's done a good (not terrific) job addressing the team's needs. 1st year was kinda to get his feet wet. Last year he knew the first place he had to address was coaches position, and he stole Julien off the market (because that guy is awesome). I think he got too mezmorized by the winning streak during the Trade Deadline not to make a move, but after Alberts and Bergeron, even i thought we would be the last team to suffer more injury problems. Considering the HORRIFIC luck we've had with injuries, Chiarelli did a good job with what he had to work with. Now I'm excited to see him work with alot of room in the salary cap (because a monkey impersonating a GM could tell you the right move is to buy out Murray's contract and promote one of the great rookies who came out to play this season with the big club).

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    Why does everyone "hate" Fernandez?

    I really dont think it� is so much people hate Fernandez.� I think most Bruin fans just love Tim Thomas.

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    Why does everyone "hate" Fernandez?

    Eric Cole, Zetterburg, Gionta, Lecavalier,� The Sedin Twins!

    Those are the names for after next season that will be UFAs!

    Should we start the rumors now?

    I really think Manny is going to play next season (split time with Timmy) and than get unloaded to a team that needs a proven number 1, unless he plays unbeliveable for the Bruins and they would have to keep him. Guys who are upcomming UFA� get traded all the time at the deadline.� So either TImmy or Manny could be moved!

    Keep These things in mind...after next season is over Fernandez and Thomas are UFA's! (Rask should be ready to step in) Murray is UFA, FINALLY!� Also, PJ, Alberts and Hnidy. If you subtract 8M (Fernandez & Murray) and say another 2-3 M from the remaining guys. You might have enough to get one of the above mentioned players if needed and Sign Kessel, Kreiji, Lashoff, Hunwick (all RFAs) to� long term if they continues to develop.

    All that said, I really like the Bruins' contracts in terms with the salary cap. They are set up nicely and should not have cap trouble. Of course all this really hinders on who they sign this offseason. If you throw Hossa at say 7-8M per season, then you might run into trouble. I would much rather see the Bruins go after 1 or 2 players this offseason and keep room open for next season. Those are some good younger players available after next season that can score!

    My point..... Cole, Zetterburg, Gionta or Lecavalier all better than Hossa! IMO! Even though I think Hossa could score 40 goals with the Bruins and Savard and a Power PLay Unit with Chara out there too!