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Why I hate Pete C.

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    Re: Why I hate Pete C.

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    I cant stand that arrogant Harvard attitude either! I think he has done pretty well so far though I would give him a B- for a grade. I dont like the draft at all how many players will be in the NHL that will be under 6 ft in a couple years? PC drafted 2 in the second round this year that were rated much lower than they were picked? This is were he should have rolled the dice on someone!You draft 17 or 18 year old kids in 3 years most of these kids will mature alot(Krill Kabanov). Seguin was easy PC said they had one guy rated over the other Hall/Seguin I guess Hall was the guy? I have not heard him say they got the guy they had rated the highest?
    Posted by michaelf101

    LOL@B- a guy takes a team that has 2 straight 74 point seasons.  The second one partially on him.   Hires Jack Adams award winner.  He has no top 3 pick on his team and yet he gets 94, 119, 91 points the next three.  Makes the best out of a bad situation in the Kessel trade and sets his team up for the playoffs the next 10 years.  Assuming we grade on the curve name the 12 GMs doing better than Peter Chiarelli??  I will give you the first one a freebie Ken Holland, I might even give you George McPhee but Chia's team went deeper again this year.  Wilson in SJ but that team doesn't have the grit.  Nashville and Phoenix have been doing well.  I think you could argue Pete is top 5 for sure so A- at the worst. 
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    Re: Why I hate Pete C.

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    [QUOTE]Reasons to love PC 1. kessel trade 2. being smart about developing Tuukka in the minors 3. Savards contract 4. Tuukkas contract 3. getting quality for kobasew 4. the kobasew and ference trade. 5. Satan 6. Recchi 7. Colborne 8. Wheeler (whether or not you like him) 9. Seidenberg 10. Krejci's contract 11. LOOK AT THE TEAM WE HAVE AND THE ASSETS WE HAVE AVAILABLE I'm done, this thread is too stupid to continue on
    Posted by pbergeron37[/QUOTE

    1. Kessel trade was put in his lap b/c bourke was desperate for Kessel
    2. Tukka wasn't ready anyway and Thomas was playing Vezina caliber.
    3. Savard's contract expires when he's almost 40. Most players decline at 36, including Gretzky. Not exactly brilliant stuff.
    4. Tukka had an entry levl deal like all others.
    5. Satan had a couple exciting goals in the playoffs and that was about it. He fell apart w/o Krejci.
    6. I'll give u Recchi, but if 'm not mistaken, as great a leader as he is, wasn't he on the team that had one of the worst collapses in sports history?
    7. Still waiting on Colborne, but shouldn't that be negated on the monumental bust that is Zach Hamill?
    8. if another team had signed Wheeler a couple of years ago instead of the B's, u wouldn't even know who he is, that's how little impact he has had.
    9. Seidenberg was solid.
    10. Krejci could have in fact been signed even sooner for less money.
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    Re: Why I hate Pete C.

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    In Response to Re: Why I hate Pete C. : A couple thoughts on your post, as well as Aury's. Guess we're all entitled to our opinions.  Mine is that PC has done an ok job, and only because I think GM's are just one cog in the chain.  Most decisions(big ones) are done by commitee)  Don't think PC did much right on the Kessel deal(nor the rest of the commitee).  Should have signed him in spring 09 simply because it was then obvious, he's a legitimate 35 goal guy, then moved him, if that was the plan.  Burke and Kes's agent forced PC's hand, not the other way around.  Losing Kessel's production set this team back.  Don't know how that can be argued logically.  Seguins contribution will probably be from 2011 forward, which is great, but moving Kessel really hurt the "now", and this was a team built for now.  Don't think the Savard deal was bad at all, simply because I feel teams would have been lined up to get him, if he became available the next week.  You can't project serious injury, and common sense suggests it's hard to maximise trade value from a player coming off a career worst season. Like Awrey says, when it becomes public, a player is being over.  Things go downhill fast.  It's hard to leverage trade bait, and every passing day, puts Savard more in that category.  Same with Thomas.  Regardless of how well things may have gone last season, regarding team cohesiveness, you can't have those 2 in the dressing room next year.  The rest of the league knows that, and offers will reflect that. Cam and Charlie are the real trigger men, and I opine neither are as enamoured with Savard, as PC was/is. My worry is that neither will be replaced with equal talent.  Cap space is great, but only if there is a place to invest that money.  In order to be a threat next year, Savard has to be replaced with a proven 75 point forward.  Immediately.  TT has to be replaced with a quality puck moving D, and the spare cash to acquire a decent back up.  Immediately.  If that happenns great.  If not, the Bruins go into the year with lots of cap space, and it's clear as rain, we're into another 2 or 3 year rebuilding plan.  This is a down year for UFA's, so what good is the cash? The next 75 days are gonna be real interesting.  Me thinks, the B's are in a bit of a predicament.
    Posted by stevegm

    I'd suggest that Savard's points will be more than replaced by Horton and Seguin when all is said and done.  Yes, I think Seguin will be a major contributor in his rookie season; as Fred Lynn did with the '75 Sox, I think Seguin will excel in better company - he won't have to do it all like he did with Plymouth.  I expect B's will get 1-2 good young players/prospects for Savard, one winger and one D, one of whom will help immediately. 

    But for the Bruins to have a chance to be great in '10-'11, they'll need more points from the blueline, which will in turn help the forwards.  As of today, the one key role missing from the B's is a PP QB on the point.  Other than maybe the Hurricanes (Corvo?-Wesley), can anyone think of a recent Stanley Cup winner that didn't have a Campbell/Keith/Gonchar/Lidstrom/Rafalski/Pronger/Niedermayer type running the power play?  It's a must and right now, the B's don't have one.  If PC can manage to clear $5 million between Savard and Thomas, it might be enough to bring UFA Gonchar from the Pens for 3 years.  I say 3 years because apparently the Pens are only offering him 2 and he's not happy about it.  True, he's weak in the D zone, but if B's used him for 20 mostly offensive minutes a night, he might be a good fit.  I'd prefer a younger guy than Gonchar, but he may be all we can get.  (And please no one suggest UFA Corvo, who's just so BRUTAL defensively (FAR worse then Wideman)...and "okay" offensively...I don't think I could make it through the season.)
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    Re: Why I hate Pete C.

    Whoever said before that PC is about at 50% had it right.

    i'm willing to give him this year (the rest of this off season) to see if he shores up a deep playoff quality team.

    Gotta say, his comment about the B's being "one of only a few teams to make the 2nd round 2 years in a row" didn't sit well either.

    Seguin is fine...6 of one, half a dozen of the other between him and Hall.

    The TT contract is killing us now in cap space (and I LIKE Thomas)

    I also like Ference, but again--a bit much, yes?

    Willing to give the Horton deal a try--we need scoring wingers, and it's worth the gamble giving up Wide-net.

    But here's the deal breaker for me: If PC trades Savard, I'm no longer willing to support him at all. He'll be dead to me, and the Bruins will be dead to the rest of us, b/c they will fail on a scale of epic proportions.
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    Re: Why I hate Pete C.

    In Response to Re: Why I hate Pete C.:
    Chiarell is a poor to medicore GM. The only reason he still has a job is because Toronto started their season 1-9-1 and gift wrapped the #2 pick for the Bruins. That #2 pick will sell ALOT of merchandise and season tickets which is priority #1 #2 and #3 on Causeway street. As long as butts are in the seats Chiarelli will keep his job.
    Posted by Neely20005

    "Gift wrapped", Neely?  I think you're selling PC short.  Yes, he's made his mistakes, but show me a GM who hasn't? 

    IMHO, PC knew exactly what he was doing during the Kessel negotiations one year ago.  Was anyone truly surprised by the Leafs lousy start and poor year?  They had little up front, slow D and lousy goaltending.  The reason PC pounced on the Kessel (a selfish, soft, 1-way player) deal was because he KNEW it was highly likely Toronto would stink, and the B's would be getting a lottery pick in the deep 2010 draft.  Luck?  I think not.  Seguin, Horton and a 2nd round pick (Knight, 36 goals in OHL) for Kessel, with ANOTHER #1 from the Leafs in 2011, and it might be a lottery pick too?!!  That was one brilliant deal Chiarelli made.  Find something else to criticize him for.
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    Re: Why I hate Pete C.

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    Umm Sturm was not signed by PC
    Posted by ssags111

    sorry bout the late comeback, but sturm signed a extension on 2-24-2007 when PC was the GM of the B,s
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    Re: Why I hate Pete C.

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    In Response to Re: Why I hate Pete C. : Your boy Chiarelli is on record saying he thought the pick would be somewhere in the #10-15 range. He said he was "surprised" to get a high lottery pick out of the deal. We all know your a blind supporter of anything and everything black and gold BC but even a pacifist like you can't claim Chia is a real good GM!
    Posted by Neely20005

    "Pacifist"?  You've definitely got the wrong guy.  Hell, I want more fighting in the league again, but that's another subject.  Back to PC:

    Would you have expected PC to come out and tell the media and fans that they could expect a LOTTERY pick for Kessel in 2010 at the time of the trade?  Wouldn't that be pretty damn foolhardy?  So naturally he took the prudent route, saying the pick would be between 10-15.   But anyone who follows the NHL knew the Leafs would be terrible last year, so the B's getting a lottery pick for Kessel was no surprise.  It couldn't have been, not to PC or anyone else in hockey. 
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    Re: Why I hate Pete C.

    In Response to Re: Why I hate Pete C.:
    In Response to Re: Why I hate Pete C. : sorry bout the late comeback, but sturm signed a extension on 2-24-2007 when PC was the GM of the B,s
    Posted by pucman

    You are right, my bad.  I was thinking Sturm signed that in 06. Thanks for the reminder.
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    Re: Why I hate Pete C.

    - From where do you get that he is arrogant/a snob/thinks he's smarter than everyone else?  Funny how you berated some other guy for not providing a cite, but failed to do so yourself. Also, it is clear that, between this comment (and lower where you call him "preppy" and a Harvard know it all) and your need to point out your undergrad honors, you have a bit of a chip on your shoulder -- didn't do well on the (L)SATs? I'd say your inferiority complex is the primary reason for your "hate."

    - Because Ryder and Schaffer had never been productive players or played on a top line and because GMs generally undersell their signings to their fan base

    - Because he is the only GM who grasps at straws (Kovalchuk might re-sign in Atlanta, Bouwmeester in Florida, Kaberle will fetch a young player and top-6 forward, Leighton and Boucher are clearly first-string goalies)

    - Because a team's 30-year history should determine who they draft at any individual draft or selection within that draft. Because the GM should listen to the average fan instead of his own opinion (more qualified) or that of his scouting department. Because Edmontonians, prior to the draft, weren't 50-50 on who to take.

    - Because Horton's lack of heartbeat contributed to our downfall and his goalscoring ability clearly won't help -- definitely a hard spin. Also, are you sure that member of our team is still on our team?

    - Again, because the GM should follow the ISS and CSS scouting reports. Why even hire a scouting department when these guys do all the work for you?

    In Response to Why I hate Pete C.:
    -Because he is an arrogant Harvard snob who is convinced he is smarter than everyone else. -Because he tried to sell Ryder and Shaeffer to us as top line wingers. -Because he had the incomprehensible gall, after his team blew a 3-0 game lead and a 3-0 score lead, to make the most ludicrous statement in Boston sports history...."the Bruins are one of only a couple of teams to make the second round of the playoffs two years in a row". If that statement isn't the best example of "grasping at straws" I don't know what is. -Because even though we have had only two real all-star wingers in the last thirty years, Middleton and Neely, from all accounts Petey made at best a half way attempt to get the top pick from Edmonton and draft Hall. Nothing against Seguin, but how many of us really wanted Hall? Chia pet should have offered Wheeler, or Colborne and Hamil. Anything to get the winger we needed. -Because even though his team just performed on of the biggest chokes in the history of hockey, his big trade is to acquire a player who a member OF OUR OWN TEAM characterized as having "no heartbeat".  How do you spin that one Petey? -Because he showed no imagination moving his other picks up in the draft to get someone who might have had a more immediate impact, especially a quality defenseman. Instead with the 32nd pick we get a smallish winger who was ranked as the 82nd best player by scouts. Way to excite the fanbase you preppy idiot. I have loved the Bruins all my life but hate this Harvard know-it-all with such passion it is hard to root for my favorite team. And yeah, I know the boon from the Kessel trade but believe me, that was far more Burke's mistake than Chia's triumph. He had that one dumped in his lap. Ryder and Shaeffer...the contracts of Ferrance and Thomas and Wideman and Sturm and so on. All ridiculous contracts for average players. My only hope at this point is that the Harvard wuss is afraid of Cam. Beat some sense into him, will ya Cam.
    Posted by pumpsiefan