Wideman **$%#(#*$(((**

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    Re: Wideman **$%#(#*$(((**

    After yet another BRUTAL 3rd period (first 2 were not anthing special )by this clown, I honestly don't think any NHL team would want him except for his daddy CJ. He is killing us........Send or sit him down NOW!!
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    Re: Wideman **$%#(#*$(((**

    Yup.  Another stellar performance by Wideman.

    "Oh but he's improving."  No he's not.  He's awful.

    Please PC, get rid of him.
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    Re: Wideman **$%#(#*$(((**

    yep, Wideman is stupid.  Every goal or opponent powerplay opportunity somehow has Dennis 'the Menace' Wideman on the ice for it.  He is just so terrible.  terrible. I mean really, he is awful.  I don't know how to stress this enough.  I hope he is not playing after the olympic break.