Your childhood skating memories

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    Your childhood skating memories

    Was skating outdoors a large part of your childhood? Ahead of tomorrow's Winter Classic at Fenway Park, share your memories of good times on outdoor, makeshift rinks.

    Check out today's article about NHL stars' skating roots for some inspiration.
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    Re: Your childhood skating memories

    I live a small county in Scotland called Fife which up untill about 5 seasons ago was hockey crazy with our local team getting larger crowds than our local soccer team, every year our local pond would freeze when I was a kid and just about every kid whose parents could afford sticks and skates would be on it pretending they were the next Gretzky or our own local hero imports Al Simms (ex Bruin) or Doug Smail (the best player on my opinion ever to have iced for Fife). We had the best junior teams in the United Kingdom and we were all hockey mad, things have changed though, due to a warmer climate the pond no longer freezes over, our team has no senior league to play in resulting in poor hockey watched by around 3-400 diehard fans, Sad days for us Scottish hockey fans. 
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    Re: Your childhood skating memories

    Hey Raithrover,

    I had you pegged for a Fife Flyers fan as soon as I saw the name :P

    I used to go to Dundee Rockets myself. Remember when the cup final used to be on BBC on a Saturday? Murrayfield Racers, Cardiff Devils... Wasn't the same once they knocked down the rink to make way for a supermarket :(
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    Re: Your childhood skating memories

    Hi Kurako
    My first away game was at the old Kingsway Rink when you had the legendry Halpin playing for the Rockets, You had to be there to appreciate how much fun hockey was back then. Although I still go to the Flyers, I follow the Bruins more now on ESPN, going to my first NHL games on 16th and 21st January, cant wait :)
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    Re: Your childhood skating memories

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    Re: Your childhood skating memories

    Didn't quite get the whole picture in the box but you guys get the idea....a frozen pond, snow, hockey net and kids with sticks......some of my best memories from my childhood were just like this!!!  The kids in the photo are my two girls and their friend from next door.
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    Re: Your childhood skating memories

    I don't need inspiration.  My memories are vivid.

    I lived in a small town on Cape Cod called Sandwich, as a kid.  There were 2 cranberry bogs that flanked both side of the main street near my house.  And my Mom would drop me and my friends off there, on her way to the market or where ever she was headed.

    I remember the cold air biting at my hands and toes as I tried to put on my skates.  Lacing them up was even more challenging.  But, that was only a small price to pay, as the anticipation of skating on that giant bog-flooded rink, was overwhelming.  The exhileration of carrying the puck nearly a 1/4 mile across a frozen sheet of heaven was unforgetable.  We stayed out there until our noses were frozen with snot and could barely feel our feet, never once wondering when Mom was coming to pick us up.  (There were no cell phones in those days.)

    Even during the summer when we'd drive by, I'd always think, "I can't wait till they flood the bogs this winter."
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    Re: Your childhood skating memories

    Hey Scottm50 - Now THAT photo and these personal stories -- that's a Winter Classic!  It's about the fun, the camraderie and the joy. 
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    Re: Your childhood skating memories

    I grew up in Malden 'til I was 9, and lived about 4 to 5 football fields away from the Malden "Rez" aka the Malden Reservoir, aka Fellsmere Pond. I moved over the hill from the "rez" to Medford after that and remained a regular at this pond/rez to skate many a time. Besides learning how to skate on this pond when I was around 3 with my dad's assistance, I enjoyed the sledding at the adjacent hill known to locals as the "7 Bumps". This place was an outdoor mecca. Hundreds of people. 

    Because the ice was so close to the Malden/Medford line and because many of the people/players from both towns knew/went to school with each other, it made for some great town versus town pickup games. I'd say there'd be no less than 4/5 full size ice games going on at any one time with the rest of the ice being taken up by figure skaters/family skaters. Also, the pond's lookout/viewing deck above the water had a cement/rock wall that went directly down into the pond, which created a great wall to shoot pucks at once the water froze. It must have been 25' X 25' at least. That was great place for shot development of a young player.

    I remember when I was probably 8 or 9, being the very last person off the pond one night in the pitch dark. Getting my skates off in the frigid weather was a tearful experience but the walk home, though short, was even more tearful. Thank God for my mom's hot chocholate when I got thru the door. (PS: I would never let my kids walk home alone or stay at a pond alone at 8/9 years old in today's age...sad commentary on how it is now, compared to 40 years ago)

    When I moved to Medford, besides the Malden Rez, I remember skating a lot at the nearby Bellview Pond on South Border Rd. beneath the Bell Tower off Rte. 93. We even skated their for "non official" team practices as a squirt/peewee???. I also remember the Medford Rec department flooding some parks in Medford.

    There was also the small pond behind the Flynn Rink, that I skated on a number of times. Speaking of the Flynn Rink, these kids from Medford, Malden and Melrose who skate there now, know nothing about dealing with the outdoor elements. As it was an outdoor rink back in my day with nothing but a steel roof covering it, BOY was that freak -in cold some nights. Nothing a pair of long johns and a good skate couldn't handle but once you stopped skating....holy #*$#!

    Funny, I remember having a practice at Flynn when it was probably -140 degrees with the wind chill (wink, wink), and my coaches mustache literally was a block of ice from his sweating and giving instructions throughout the practice. I think having to practice and play in that rink at times(Medford also had an indoor rink), made us better players, thus a pretty good youth hockey program back in the day!

    Sad, when I go by many ponds nowadays, I don't see much pond hockey. Not because the kids wouldn't play it but because the ice just doesn't feeze like it used to. Crazy how in 40 years our weather/climate warming has changed so much. I'm no tree hugger but it's a little scary when you think about it!

    Happy New Year!
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    Re: Your childhood skating memories

    Something tells me I'm a wee bit older than most of the posters, but I grew up in a small town in eastern Pennsylvania.  We had a fairly long, but not to wide skating rink called the Delaware Canal - you could skate literally for miles.  One of my friends had a small frog pond in their backyard and when that would freeze over, we would have games on that for hours.  We would be able to play on the Canal until dark and then have to call it a day, but those memories are really wonderful to remember.

    Hope everyone has a safe & healthy New Year.

    Delta Grunt