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    Re: Trade Deadline Hindsight

    Horses are already out of the barn, no use worrying about it now!  Stewie would have helped though.
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    Re: Trade Deadline Hindsight

    With Marc Savard sitting at home our original first line pivot that will haunt us in the play-offs and our PP was not the same since. Not getting an elite 1st line center to replace him was a mistake. This is now the curtain call for Krejci if he can not prove he is not a #1 center in the post season. I will be looking at Richards in the off season. 

    With Ryder off the salary  Krejci + his contract off the books ( trade bait in the off season can get us a good d man if Kaberle flunks the test)  and Savard off the salary cap can give the Bruins negotiating power for FA Richards. I guarantee the leafs will be persuing Richards and if they get him watch out.

    Looch Richards Horton ( can be a powerful line up)
    Marchand(RFA will need to be signed) Bergy Seguin ( second line the kid will shine next year next he will not have butterflies in his stomach and will beef it up in the off season)
    Paille Campbell Peverly
    Caron Kelly Thornton

    For our unpredictable defense ???????

    All depends which Kaberle shows up in the play-offs if he shows up then sign him for 2 years only.

    Chara Sieds Boychuk McQuaid Ference and Kaberle ?????

    Now for our goaltender Tiny Tim Thomas shows up  bingo we have our goalie     situation is solved and Rask sophomore year will be over with.

    Overall my three concerns this playoff is Krejci as our #1 center, Kaberle and the d men and then our goalies will be an issue this post season. I might as well throw in our coaching staff as well.

    The big names that should catch the Bruins eyesin the off season are Yandle Richards and Voukon.
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    Re: Trade Deadline Hindsight

    In Response to Re: Trade Deadline Hindsight:
    Very good point.  Thinking about this gave me an idea for our current lineup. Top two lines stay the same then Kelly Seguin Ryder and Paille Campbell Peverley   Posted by mattc355

    Interesting.  3rd and 4th lines would both be quick and aggressive and would provide four potential scoring lines to contend with.  I doubt Julien will waver but interesting, nonetheless.
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    Re: Trade Deadline Hindsight

    If Chiarelli dumps Ryder Boston still has to pay half his salary because I think there would have been GMs that would have claimed him off waivers but that PCs mess with giving too much for too long in the first place. So dumping Michael would have been as costly as lousy contract.

    As far as Richards I really don't think he was as available as some might think and I certainly think it would have taken more than just the TO pick. The conversation would have started with that pick then also Krejci and/or Marchand plus another prospect and more picks the price in the end for the UFA rental would be too much for my taste Chiarelli knew it too if he kicked the tires which i'm sure he explored.

    In the end the cost would be a stud defenseman at the 9-11 pick in this years draft to replace Savard but the Bs still got a PP QB anyway in Kaberle. What PC did replace is two players whom had been passed on the depth chart that weren't going to be here next year.
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    Re: Trade Deadline Hindsight

    In Response to Trade Deadline Hindsight:
    B. Richards instead of Peverley and Kaberle.  Bring back Stuart and dump Ryder.  I would have done it even if it took Toronto's pick and we didn't re-sign Richards.  Third line would be Kelly-Richards-Seguin.  In this scenario, I'd keep Kelly for defense.  The second rounder for Kelly trade would stay the same.  We'll see.  Maybe our current team is better.  I think Richards would have been available for Toronto's pick, our pick and Wheeler.  We don't need first round picks.  And now that it's dropping below top ten, we won't even know what to do with it.  It's as big a crapshoot as a third rounder.
    Posted by mattc355

    Ya, we do.  Otherwise Seguin will have nobody to play with in 7 years. You must balance short and long term success. 
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    Re: Trade Deadline Hindsight

    The same people that say all that matters is win now, are the same ones who will complain years from now that we didn't keep our picks.  As far as the deadline deals go, I really liked them, and all the moves this year.  I look back to one year ago in the playoffs.  I liked the team that beat the Sabers and almost beat the flyers.  i liked the look of Krejci and Bergeron up the middle, I found it better than when Savard played.  At the time, I felt we could use a right wing goal scorer, a better PMD and a better 3rd line center than sobotka.  At no point was I wanting a better #1 or 2 center, I thought our guys are fine.  Fast forward one year and we have Horton on wing, Kaberle on D and Kelly and Campbell are both better than Sobotka.  I think that all of my wants for this team were addressed, and since last years team was close, this years must have a real shot.
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    Re: Trade Deadline Hindsight

    The biggest hole the bruins have is the lack of elite talent like a Richards.  We absolutely need an offensive creator like that, Savvy was elite on the PP and offensively and we needed another guy with him.  So now we need to replace savvy and try to add another guy potentially.  A Richards is the missing link on this team, all the depth forwards are there, big Z and ok D depth, and backstops in net.  Fire Clod, sign Richards, a good offseason for Seguin, and now we're really talking cup!
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    Re: Trade Deadline Hindsight

    I would take Richards regardless of need, but not regardless of cost.  Getting Richards would have taken more, and his huge cap hit would mean dismantling the team to keep him beyond the season.  This for a guy coming off a concussion.

    In Response to Re: Trade Deadline Hindsight:
    In Response to Re: Trade Deadline Hindsight : I felt the exact same way watching the playoffs last year.  But when your talking about these particular players, Richards vs Kaberle.  I would take Richards regardless of need.
    Posted by mattc355

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    Re: Trade Deadline Hindsight

    The price for Richards would've been really high and I don't think the Bruins would've been willing to pay it. I would rather Richards over Kaberle, but I'm not sure that was even an option. As for Kaberle, I wasn't a fan of his before the trade and I'm still not a fan. I don't think he has contributed as much as was expected. Our power play hasn't improved. He needs to shoot more and he has been an adventure in his own end at times. I am really tired of watching the game and yelling at him to shoot when he is wide open.

    Lets be honest about Savard this season. He wasn't elite at anything this year. Even when he was healthy and playing, he wasn't a consistent player. He was great one night and then wouldn't do anything for a few games or play badly. That happens when you go through all he did. Our power play struggled with him & without him. I honestly don't think we will ever see Savard again and if it is true that he has memory loss, he should retire. His life is more important.  

    Not having Savard is not what is going to haunt us in the playoffs. The power play, not playing 60 minutes, standing around in our own zone and lazy passes will haunt us if anything. The power play of late has been moving the puck better & getting shots, but they don't get enough shots on net. The last 3 all showed up in the collapse against the Rangers the other night. These things are what we need to clean up