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"The kid is hot tonight..."

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    "The kid is hot tonight..."

    I took this quote from a song title but can't think the name of the band, but this  song I think of when watching Seguin. Only 19 yrs. old and 1 goal back of Kessel for the lead in goal scoring plus only 4 pts. back in pts. standing. Not bad for a youngster Kessel did not come close to this profile at 19, let me add a SC to his hardware.

    I am not bashing the Kessel lovers but so far me as a Bruin fan so far is liking the deal. Yes we can add Knight and Hamilton to the deal. It took the Bruins some waited time to get our goal scorer. he is definetly in sync with March. and Bergy. The best part this is our second line and the 1st line in back to being themselves nice to see Krejci getting back in order.

    Yes I am guilty of wanting DK traded earlier but with all the FA's after this season the Bruins mngt. can evaluate some players to sign. ie Kelly Krejci and even Paille who in my books is good utility player.

    Hats off to Hamill for the roughing call on Kaleta, and showing me he is wanting a job in the NHL. Nice pinch from Boychuk but pleaseeee look first before a slot pass. Lucic running a goalie is something we can void and sometimes can't void but it did motivate the team. Buffalo did admit they coward out and see what happens next gm. with Boston. Chara got knock down and kept his cool we don't need Big Z in the box. We do have McQuaid to do the necessary moves to send in some enforcement.

    Hamill may be a showcase for possible trade but i rather see him in the line up then Benoit pee alot.
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    Re: "The kid is hot tonight..."

    Kids been hot for a week now. Fun to watch. Nice call on the Hamill/Kaleta, I noticed that too and liked how he handled that.
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    Re: "The kid is hot tonight..."

    OMG I was thinking their would be a video montage of Seguin with "Loverboy" playing in the background and having to turn down the volume on the video. But then I remembered that I'm a sick mutha and when Loverboy comes on "Classic Vinyl" Sirius Radio I tend to crank it up.

    Yah I still work hard for the weekend...
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    Re: "The kid is hot tonight..."

    Hey, compare Seguin's second year stats with Kessel's second year stats. 

    Then add in that Kessel was older in his sophmore year.

    Compare Kessel's stats with Seguin now.

    If trends continue, it will work out to be a hugely one sided trade, eve leaving Hamilton and Knight out of it.
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    Re: "The kid is hot tonight..."

    Ugh, which night was that?