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    Bruins are on target for 103 points if they keep playing at their present pace . That would net them 103 points vs 91 last year.

    They've played the first half of the season without Savard and Stuart only playing 27 games.

    Last season the 2nd place team in the east had 103 points

    Going by those stats unless we see a complete collapse we're looking at ptobable home ice and and playing the 7th seeded team.

    You think it will happen? Hopefully it's not a repeat of last year and the 7th seeded team ends up in the finals

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    Re: 103

    Barring any key injuries I think they have what it takes regardless of their seed.  Plus, they play better on the road so do they really have a home ice advantage?  Little too early to be talking seedings but yes, they should break the 100 point mark.