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2 on 1's

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    2 on 1's

    I've been noticing a disturbing trend when the Bruins get odd man rushes. While one timers are obviously the best way to score in a 2 on 1 situation if it's there, the Bruins have to stop forcing the pass. Defenders will concede a shot from below the dots, and guys like Seguin and Marchand (easily their best shooters) are trying to pass it through a defenseman lying down between them and the other guy! It's sickening! I'm not going to jump off the ship with this team, as I know they still have a shot here, but if they pass up another 2 on 1 opportunity by trying to pass it through what is essentially a wall, I'm going to lose my mind. I was always taught growing up "A shot you don't take is a goal you don't score". As elementary as that is, it's so true, especially when the pass just flat out is not there.

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    Re: 2 on 1's

    The problem is they practice against our defencemen which usually let the pass get across which leaves the goalies out to dry.