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2002 Draft

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    2002 Draft

    Possibly the B's Worst draft and yet the benefits of that years talent has been Boston worthy.


    1.#29 Toivonen 12-14-5  1SO          traded for Carl Soderberg

    2.#56 Yevseyev  zilch

    4.#130  Kubista  nada

    5. #153 Hamerlik shut out

    7.#228  Utkin       nutkin

    8.#259 Stastny     38Gm 1G 5A 6P -5     part of deal that brought Lucic for Samsonov

    9.#290 Frolov    no love 2nd last pick, last pick of draft went to Det#291 Ericsson


    Players we have from that draft and indirectly from players from that draft

    As A Bruin points and games played

    1.Buf#20   Paille  232Gp 35G 29A 64Pt       P/O 61Gp 6G 8A 14Pt and counting

    2.Col#61   Boychuk 242GP 14G 38A 52Pt   P/O 61Gp 11G 13A 24Pts and counting

    3.Flo#67   Campbell 206Gp 25G 33A 58Pts  P/O 47Gp 4G 9A 13Pts

    Soderberg2-49/2004   6Gp 0G 2A 2Pts                                   Yet to play

    Lucic2-50-2006  405Gp 97G 142A 239Pt             78Gp 18G 30A 48Pts

    Horton#3/2003  169Gp 56G 51A 107Pt               37Gp 15G 19A 34Pts

    Other notables Wideman 8-241 brought Horton and Campbell

    Players we have eliminated Nash #1  Lupul #7, Eminger #12,


    Now we must eliminate Keith Chi 2.#54 Chicago's lone player from that draft.



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    Re: 2002 Draft

    Good stuff Goat