2011-2012 Bruins lineup projection

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    According to CapGeek, we have 17 players on the roster (assuming Caron does well in Providence and makes the team next year), at a total hit of $49.852975 Million. The Cap is expect to rise from $59.4M to about $61.4-$62.4M. That leaves 5-6 slots open with roughly $11.6-12.6M to spend. It seems as if no one thinks we will sign a free agent winger or two, and go with a bunch of rookies cracking the lineup. No one seems to think we'll get a good puck-moving d-man like a Steve Montador or an Ian White, or a winger or two of Matt Moulson, Radim Vrbata, Antti Mietinnen, Scottie Upshall or even bring back a Michael Ryder or Blake Wheeler.
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    More importantly, a new U.S. television deal should be struck early next year. If the additional television revenue is pumped directly into the salary-cap number, the salary cap is expected to rise by at least $3.5-$4.5 million, since the new television deal should increase by at least $100 million a season.


    59.4 + 3.5 = 62.9
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    Re: 2011-2012 Bruins lineup projection

    ^If it raises up to about $63 Million, perhaps we might have enough to make a run for Alex Semin.