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2011 Draft

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    Re: 2011 Draft

    If we are going to trade away our first round pick I would to the pick plus a prospect plus a roster player for the RFA rights to Keith Yandle.  That is if Kaberle doesn't sign
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    Re: 2011 Draft

    In Response to Re: 2011 Draft:
    In Response to Re: 2011 Draft : There is no way that pick will be top 5.  I wish it would be though. Edmonton, Ottawa, Colorado, Florida, Islanders will be top 5 for sure.  Atlanta and St. Louis will likely finish behind TO as well. Right now I'm just hoping they don't move up any more than they have.
    Posted by derrickmorin

    Saying there is no way is just not accurate.  Right now, the Leafs pick would be 9th.  Teams with the 3rd-8th pick are 3.5 games or less behind TOR. 

    Thus, there is a decent chance that the pick could be top 5.

    TOR    67PTS

    STL     65 PTS

    ATL    65 PTS

    NJD     64PTS

    FLA    61PTS

    COL    60PTS

    NYI     60PTS

    EDM   54PTS

    OTT     53PTS

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    Re: 2011 Draft

    Thanks, Book, great post.
    I agree about the Dmen -- and that's what I meant to say. That while they weren't rookies, they still did well in their first time up, so giving Larsson/Murphy/etc a year or two will help under the current system.

    I know a lot of ppl on this site hate the idea of having an enforcer (I totally disagree), but it's good to know that McD may be the one in the wings. I know Chara and Lucic can handle themselves, but I haven't seen anything from Horton to make me think teams are afraid of him. Same for Ference. McQuaid could fill a hole, but as the 5th D, it'd be difficult to count on him in all situations.

    I think having an enforcer-type player keeps people in check. Obviously, I wouldn't waste a 4th rounder on a thug, but 5th and beyond...

    In Response to Re: 2011 Draft:
    Phelt - all the D you mention didn't play in the NHL the year after they were drafted.  Boychuk was drafted in 2002, McQuaid 2005, and Kampfer 2007, so that's a lot of years developing outside the NHL.  Heck, if Hamilton or Murphy took a Boychuk timeline, Chara would be retired by the time they made the roster.  So yeah, that's why they have Kaberle and everyone else. As for an enforcer, I give you Lane McDermid.  At 6'3" and 205, he's not a superheavyweight, but he isn't a bad energy player and he can fight.  Tyler Randell in Kitchener is another guy in line - he has 20 goals this year and had a 24 in 08-09 (his draft year).  Both were drafted in 2009.  I think if you're looking to draft a thug, it better be a thug who can play - otherwise why waste a draft pick?  Interesting to think of this in the same context as D, though - I wonder if "enforcer who can play" doesn't take just as much time as D to learn at the NHL level.  Lots of guys who can just fight like drunken hobos, but not as many who know how to contribute when not fighting , without taking stupid penalties, and who have the instinct and judgement to know when they can let slip the dogs of war.
    Posted by Bookboy007