Why are Peverly and Kelly playing together? Kelly can't skate, period.

That obviously set play by Seidenberg that led to the SH goal for MTL was just poor strategy and unnecessary. Seidenberg did not have to drop it, the Habs gave him the blueline. There was only one man behind him, a forward. The forwards are only there to dump it to the point and screen. Just cut off the lanes along the wall and the PP is dead.

They need to sit Kaberle down. He has been playing like he did in Toronto this past season, almost useless.

Krejci's line looks asleep. I wonder if Lucic is injured. He can barely handle the puck. he looks terrible. Horton and Krejci are almost invisible.

Do the B's rely so heavily on the defense to produce the offensive chances because their forwards so lack offensive talent? If they don't get shots from the point to the net, their chances of scoring are nearly zero.

Hoping for much better third period. I don't want to go to OT with the way they are playing tonight.