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Car had BrindÀmour and Staal, def a pair of gamebreakers, Excellent support staff including valued veterans in a much younger Recc Ward and Weight.(5 years ago) They had 3 players who had been 100 point men(Staal had 100 that year) and another who had had 97 in the lineup. They had a 45 goal scorer that year, 3 30goal scorers plus also another 3 that score over 20. That is 7 over 20 and we might have 10 hit double digits, 1 score 30 and 4 hit 20. Yeah I would like to have that premier scorer.  Hopefully, 30 point depth will do. Thankfully we have great D and G.
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You are correct, in an effort to be postive about the Bs 30PTers I failed to do more research on Carolina.  Going back then the 1993 Montreal Canadien team would have been a better choice.