4 on 4

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    4 on 4

    Why would CJ have Seguin serve TImmy's penalty.  Don't you want Skilled guys on the ice because there is more space?  I would use Thornton in that Situation.
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    Re: 4 on 4

    NO! We already had this discussion last week! We want a goalscorer in the box on short-handed situations & 4 on 4 because since Seguin (now that Hunwick is gone) is the B's fastest skater, we want to be able to utilize his speed & goal scoring prowness in case there's a good break at the end of the kill, or the penalty kill. Hartnell was the other in the box. CJ actually was smart & knew that if there was a break Seguin would get to the puck faster then Scott. Don't look for Seguin to be in on 4 on 4 too much this season.