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4th line

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    4th line

    Thought I'd bring up the only line that may look like it did last year.  Seems like there's a lot of talk about how its the best 4th line in hockey but in the same breath Thornton needs replaced.  I agree that he's lost a step, not the same since the beat down and maybe as a smaller guy faired better 5 yrs ago when the avg enforcer had 20 lbs on him not 50.  And I'm fine if he's replaced.

    However, he wouldn't be replaced with a callup with any skill, there will be a fighter on that line.  if anyone thinks that mgmt will let their top D or top LW handle the other teams goons, well you're just crazy.

    So, if you can name a 4th liner that can step in via minors or trade/ufa that upgrades toughness and maintains the skill that the 4th line has please do, I'm sure there are some, i just can't think of them.




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    Re: 4th line

    I think Camara, Fraser and Reilly have real shots.

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    Re: 4th line

    San, to take Thorntons role?  I can't wait for Camara to emerge but I don't see him as the goon, I'm hoping a top 9 fw you don't mess with.  I don't know much about the new guys but arent they both 200 lbs soaking wet?