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In Response to Re: 5 Games : But Nite, the line is there for a reason. Like PC said in his interview, players do dirty things and break the rules. That's why they have a rule book and a judiciary process. Suspending Marchand for a hit that wasn't at the knees is punishing him for almost breaking the rules. You guys are alright with that but I'm not. Especially after Cooke not being suspended for hitting Savard. The explanation was that it wasn't cleary defined as illegal by the current rules. I can accept that. Rules are rules. But now Marchand gets 5 for a borderline hit at best. And for Shanny to call it predatory is laughable since Cooke's hit was the definition of predatory. It just sounds like Shanny's making it up on the fly. You guys all hope he learns his lesson. Maybe missing 5 games and 152,000$ will do it but I agree with PC and don't want to see him change his game at all. He's got the most goals on the team and he's great on the PK. He's a big game player. He's a champion.
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I know the line is there for a reason. All I'm saying is if he could stay on the cleaner side of it he'd stay out of trouble. I don't want him changing his game, I just want him to be smart enough to adjust. Now that he's a repeat offender, he needs to learn quickly where the line is. I love the kid when he plays his game the right way.