5 hole

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    Re: 5 hole

    I don't agree he can't play verse the habs. I said that is the only one that comes to mind.. That goal last night wasnt some sharp angle on the ice softy as you tried to make it out to be. This is a good team, but Thomas is the back bone.. Rask still has a losing record at this point and has certainly been outplayed in net all season. Of course you go with thomas..

    Bruins fans have to be the only team in the league whose goalie Consistently post .925 svs% and with a GAA of 2 and then run off to post about how poorly he played..

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    Re: 5 hole

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    I spoke on diffrent post about Seids. Everyone has to be held accountable if this team wants to be a serious contender.  But like you said TT just can't play vs the habs.  What if we play them in the playoffs?  Do we go with TT because of the great year or do we look at the team first and go with Tukka.  I would not mind starting TT but i don't have high expectations vs the Canadiens.  Therefore i would start Rask on tuesday.  But then maybe it is just me!
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    Everyone agrees that he wasn't good last season, but the year before, Thomas was 4-0-1 vs. Montreal with a .212 GAA and .933SV%.