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    Weird stat:  There are 8 teams in the West with 30 or more points; and 0 in the East (B's are top dog in East with 29).

    Does this mean anything to you?

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    Re: 8-0

    Sure.  It means the West is absolutely pounding the East this year.  It's the most lopsided I remember it being since I started keeping track.

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    Re: 8-0

    It's a cyclical thing but the west is definitely stronger this year, nothing more nothing less.


    only 2pts separates 1st from 8th ~ that's crazy.

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    Re: 8-0

    It means that once the dust is settled in the Western Conference playoffs, the Blackhawks will still have to play the Bruins for the Stanley Cup again. After last nights game this thought might have too change, I haven't seen Chicago dominated like that easily in awhile.

    I remember when the NFC used to be so dominant in the NFL. The NFC Championship winner was supposedly the Super Bowl champ. The Cowgirls might win the East this year with a .500 record. Yes it is cyclical.

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    Re: 8-0

    In response to StanleyCuptotheBruinsin2011's comment:

    25% of the season ...calm down too early too tell wait mid season to evaluate ...should be pretty even 

    Sorry Stanley, the W-L differential for the East is already -17.  That's not likely to be made up.

    And of course, it should be noted it means little for the playoffs.  The teams that rise to the top in each conference will still be comparable.  It's the lower two-thirds that drives much of this difference.

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    Re: 8-0

    I don't know.  I find the "which conference is better" arguments goofy a lot of the time.  In this instance, for example, the Bruins are 2-1-1 against the West with victories over two of the top teams in that conference (Anaheim and SJ).  The Tampans are 7-2 against the West.  The Penguins are 4-2, the Laffs 6-3-1.  5 Eastern teams are at .500 vs. the West.  That's 9 eastern teams with a .500 or better record against the West.  One of those teams is the Mighty Florida Panthers.  On the other hand, the Senioritas, Sabres, and Rangers are a combined 4-21-2 agaisnt the West.  So - is the East a weaker conference or are there a few Eastern teams that are getting killed by Western teams?   

    Top 4 teams vs. the West are 19-8-2 (.655) combined.  Include Jersey, Philly and Columbus and with the three worst listed above and they're 7-31-6 (.159) v. the West.  For comparison's sake, the West is .704 vs. these six teams.  The six weaklings are five of the seven worst teams in the conference plus the Rangers.

    In the end, conference strength only matters in the Cup Finals.  Buffalo, Columbus, Philly...they'll all have pretty serious golf tans by then.

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    Re: 8-0

    Good comparison Book. Let's all remember the old adage that figures are what the reporter wants them to be.

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    Re: 8-0

    This was a topic on the radio yesterday, but presented like this:

    No team in the East would make the playoffs in the West.

    I don't agree, obviously, but if you go the full Parcells - you are what your record says you are - it's true, and probably more to the point than just the West beating up the East.

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    Re: 8-0

    Seems as though everyone but the bottom feeders are actually having their way with the West right now. It's just a few teams that are really weighing things down.

    However, it's hard to talk about unbalanced conferences until you look at the NBA. 9 of 15 teams in the East have a record of less than .400. God, I hate the NBA.