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Able to make the Jump?

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    Re: Able to make the Jump?

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    No arguments there Dez.  If the kid can keep it clean and learn early on, he could be a real force though.




    He crushes people and he's got some scoring touch. That combination of skills will always be in demand. 






    Other than the world juniors i haven't seen enough of Camara to know if he has a scoring touch but the physical part was certainly evident. His OHL stats showed he can score when working with a skilled centerman. Does his game have the potential to be like Lucic's or is that too much to expect? 




    I personally see him as likely to be more of a Jordan Tootoo type of player. Lucic is just so much bigger and knows how to use it. I'm a fan of Tootoo by the way.


    For sure Dez, i can live with a Tootoo comparison, like his style of game, plays with a lot of heart.

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    Re: Able to make the Jump?

    I see less of the junior kids than just about anyone, but it would be my impression that Spooner might be the closest to cracking a lineup spot out of camp.  He was basically a point-per-game player in the AHL last season, which means something to me.  Some guys can't handle the transition to the AHL even if they are great in junior.  I would echo the sentiment that the AHL proven guys (Spooner, Camper, Cunningham) have a leg up on Camara/Koko/Griffith, even if they seem less dynamic at the moment.  Proving you can score in the AHL means a lot more than doing it in junior or college to me.

    I'd bet on Spooner, although Cunningham might be a better 3rd/4th line fit.