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    I wonder if Clod will have the guts to hold anybody besides a 19 year old kid and a backup goalie accountable after last nights abortion of a performance?  I have a hard time seeing how Seguin could have sucked any worse than the forwards on the ice last night.  Clod will probably waste this kid's offensive ability since he thinks you can win every damn game 1-0!  Who sits tomorrow people the kid with the ability to skate or one of Clod's boys who can't shoot straight?
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    Re: Accountability?

    Unfortunately i didnt see the game (about 5 minutes ), then the highlights. My take on this is 2 goals on 2 shots, something wrong there, but as i said didnt see the leadup to it. I heard alot that rask made some great saves but then the easy ones that got by him. He doesnt play enuf to keep a mindset of a whole game. If the Bs are gonna keep most like the  2011 vezina winner in TT beyong 2011 then they should trade Rask before they ruin him, and get something (worth a 1st rd pick at least right now ) because other gms know what hes capable of if its not too late. Accountabilty lays on management right now,there like do i want the red car or the black one, got lotsa time before they decide, guess what, they both sold.