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    Re: ALL DONE!!!

    Hate to pick on 1 guy since this is a team collapse -- but Corvo. I've been trying to give him benefit of the doubt up until now but the 6th goal by Wolski -- Where was Corvo going? He skated right past Wolski towards a guy that was already covered. You learn that type of common sense in little league. 

    Not many teams have done it -- but the B's are headed into the books as one of the few teams to totally miss the playoffs after winning the stanley cup.

    There may be more teams earlier on but I believe modern day:

    Carolina 2007
    Devils 1996
    Habs 1970
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    Re: ALL DONE!!!

    Would missing the playoffs be a worse collapse than the 3-0, 3-0 uh-oh a couple of years ago?
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    Re: ALL DONE!!!

    Great year.....last year. Tough to repeat, but this is ridiculous. They look like the skating dead, and I am not even sure about the skating part. Lots of standing around, losing puck battles. This team is toast. Major changes should come next year.
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    Re: ALL DONE!!!

    In Response to Re: ALL DONE!!!:
    In Response to ALL DONE!!! : They don't care because win or loose that still make their million dollars. No real motivation for them to change. Do you think a coach yelling at them will turn this team around? Nope. Something is up... may be in the dressing room.... who knows. They have lost all chemistry and focus...some bad playe  acquisitions , Pouliet,Corvo,and all the Wanna b's should not be on this team. Blame managment , Scouts and coaching staff. You know you are in trouble when Rolston is playing the PP. You cannot blame injuries as they were well on their way playing badly 2 months ago. This is embarrassing to watch cup champs loose to Florida... come on 
    Posted by victoriabruinsfan

    Hate to say it but that is a pretty good summary of the Bs situation this year. The point about excusing it all away becuase of injuries needs to be repeated over and over again before we all wake up and smell the coffee. 
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    Re: ALL DONE!!!

    The only fix for this team is a long summer of shame... they have talent and when they get motivated to play they will win. We saw how they bounced back from the collapse against the Flyers.
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    Re: ALL DONE!!!

    It was around new years that Timmy told management & teammates he wasn't going to the White House. That's when the wheels started falling off and the wingnut behavior on Facebook commenced.

    There are rumors floating about that Timmy has some other issues going on outside of the arena. Issues he created.

    Let's say this, he's turned into the Bruins' version of John Lackey. Enough said.

    I've always stood by this team through the crap years. I've been a season ticket holder for 4. I got in the year before it started going crazy with Fenway and such. I cried when they won last June. But the play of late and the lack of effort or emotion from this team makes me sort of ashamed to be a Bruins fan. I'll still be in my seat upstairs tomorrow for the game, but this is just really bad. The next 10 games, ending with the Rangers at MSG will show what this team is really made of. I got a really bad feeling there is something in the water, and the Bruins might be replicating the Sox epic collapse.
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    Re: ALL DONE!!!


    This team cares. Who the F likes to lose and get embarrassed like they have been. No one. Making millions or not, they care and are probably embarrassed right now. I can tell you this, if someone in the locker room wasnt caring and showed it, or made a comment verbally like they were packing it in for the season. Julien and management would be sitting. Theyre not a team like the BlueJackets who are out of the playoffs, theyre still in it and want to make them. So, saying they dont care, is BS.
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    Re: ALL DONE!!!

    If they cared they would play the "3rd period desparaion hockey" that we constantly see when they are down by one or two goals.
    We've all seen it throught the season.... " oh crap there is only 12 mins left in the game so we better try to win this one" they dominate and put pucks on the the oppositions net for the last half of the last period, may get one but its always too late.
    They need to play that way for 60 mins, not 12 .
    This team CAN win , we've seen it ! !

    They need to CARE !! 

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    Re: ALL DONE!!!

    Victoria, Love the avatar.....

    Reminds me of the website, 2 girls one cup.....LOL
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    Re: ALL DONE!!!

    The problems are more than just injuries to Horton & Peverley and a bit of fatigue. They have played like shi.t for 2.5 months. Enough! Julien needs to fix this right now, or heads should roll, starting with his. And I don't care that he won it all last year. Fuc.k last year. This team blows right now. And Thomas should give up hockey so he can concentrate on hif Facebook hobby. Play Turco. Yeah, he sucks, but in case you haven't noticed, Thomas is letting in 5 or 6 a game right now, so I'm not sure that Marty Shitco is any worse.

    I was tempted to turn the TV off last night. I don't think I've ever done that on a Bruins game before.