All his marbles gone?

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    All his marbles gone?

    As Boston fans, we will have to bear the brunt of this for the next 15 years. Peter let Ference go and left the gate open for Horton to wonder away and then gave away Segin? Believe me if the Bruins have a bad year, Peter will find himself looking for a new job. Segin is only 21 years old. He will be a superstar. Peter may have made a few good deals but Wheeler, Kessel, and now segin. This makes me sick to my heart!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Re: All his marbles gone?

    Would you rather be the Leafs, who had to outright cut Komisarek and Grabovski, haven't locked up Kadri, Franson, Gunnarsson, Bernier and Fraser, and only have $24mil to get it all done? Or how about the Stars, who are awful at the center and defense positions? Or Philly, who haven't had a goalie they can count on since Hextall? Or Pittsburgh, who does all the things stupid star-crazed fans want and it doesn't get them anywhere? Or Edmonton, who will ride their "potential" stars for years and never amount to anything because they don't have the vision to put together a full team? Or how about Washington who has $9.5M tied up in a superstar that couldn't lead a team out of a children's corn maze, let alone 4 rounds of the Stanley Cup playoffs? Or how about 1/2 the teams in the league who have no idea going into the season if they're going to make the playoffs? Or...or...or....

    Give it time...Patience.

    Would you feel the same if this were opening day roster? Obviously not saying it will happen, but there are many, many options on the table for PC after this move. He's got 12 forwards, 6 D, 2 goalies and depth to worry about.

    Milan Lucic ($6.000m) / David Krejci ($5.250m) / Jarome Iginla ($6.500m)
    Brad Marchand ($4.500m) / Patrice Bergeron ($5.000m) / Loui Eriksson ($4.250m)
    Daniel Paille ($1.300m) / Carl Soderberg ($1.008m) / Peter Mueller ($1.725m)
    Shawn Thornton ($1.100m) / Gregory Campbell ($1.600m) / Jared Knight ($0.870m)

    Zdeno Chara ($6.917m) / Johnny Boychuk ($3.367m)
    Dennis Seidenberg ($3.250m) / Torey Krug ($1.704m)
    Adam McQuaid ($1.567m) / Dougie Hamilton ($1.494m)
    Matt Bartkowski ($0.650m)

    Tuukka Rask ($6.750m)
    Dan Ellis ($1.000m)

    LTIR: Marc Savard ($0.000m)
    Buyout: Chris Kelly ($0.000m)