Amusing sequence

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    Amusing sequence

    I know there are a lot of mixed feelings about Behind the B and players being mic-d up, but this sequence is pretty interesting/funny.

    I love how Subban says "sorry, I thought it was Marchy".

    Also interesting that the ref told Bergeron that "I was gonna let the first one go".  Why let the hand-off-stick punch to the head go there, I mean, given the standard of what's was a penalty in that series?  (...sorry don't wasn't to slip back into complaining about this stuff either way).

    Just funny that Marchand gets treated so differently by opposing players that Bergeron actually gets an apology for getting the Marchand treatment on one play.  I would have expected Subban to say "F you", instead of pretending he didn't know what he did and apologizing like a 3rd grader caught with stolen candy.

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    Re: Amusing sequence

    Hmmm...."I was gonna let the first one...." Really? And Marchand gets called for snowing the goalie?!