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Analyzing the Bruins' Possible First Round Opponents

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    Analyzing the Bruins' Possible First Round Opponents

    So, as i was watching NHL Network last night, I decided to take a look at the standings.  Montreal is still in 6th place with 91 points, but Buffalo is right behind them with 90 points and the Rangers are right behind Buffalo with 89 points.  So, I feel like breaking down eacht eam's strenghts and weaknesses.


    Strenghts - They're fast, skilled, and in the words of our own Brad Marchand, "they're greasy".  They can very, very easily beat you with their skill if you're not careful.  And their size makes it just that much easier for them to fly by you and sneak into those dirty areas.

    Weaknesses - They're not very smart, and if you play physical and tough they will very eaisly get thrown off their game.  This has been showed by the Bruins multiplke times this year.  Not to mention the fact that the Bruins can very easily outskill them (see 8-0 win)


    Strenghts - Enroth has been outstanding this year in the absence of Miller.  Normally I'd say this is a weakness, but watching games and highlights and reading reports, it's quite obvious that this is what could lead to their success in the postseason.  He's not just showing that he can block out the side of him that will allow goals in key times, he's not even letting other teams see that there even is a side like that to him.

    Weaknesses - Their undisciplined.  Watch the highlights of their last game against Carolina.  6 penalties, including a 5 on 3 in a crucial point in time.  Now, granted, their PK was beyond solid, but the odds of that holding up when you take so many penalties is not very good.


    Strenghts - Lundvquist, no doubt.  He's crucial to their success, and he always has been.

    Weaknesses - Their severely depleted.  Injuries will kill you (just ask last year's Bruins), and losing Gaboorik for about half the year isn't going to help them when they're counting on him to score goals.  Drury isn't as good as he was adveritsed in Buffalo, but he's their Captain nevertheless and they'll desperately miss his leadership.  Also, Frolov is hurt, so that gets rid of their main dependence for secondary scoring.
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    Re: Analyzing the Bruins' Possible First Round Opponents

    I can think of several reasons for not wanting to play Buffalo or the Rangers.  No one on the Habs scares me.

    However, I could envision the Habs winning in Round 1 against anyone.  That's why they play the games.
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    Re: Analyzing the Bruins' Possible First Round Opponents

    The Bruins are superior to any of those teams.  For entertainment value I want it to be the habs.  I think the rangers would be the most draining and boring opponent to play.  Buffalo is probably the easiest.
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