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Another win for the P-Bruins

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    Re: Another win for the P-Bruins

    That is some weekend for Krug.  3 games in 3 nights, 7 points.  He's a point behind Tardif for second on the team in scoring.  He's a goal behind Spooner for third on the team.  He's tied with Cunningham.  (Sort of funny, really - Krug sitting on Cunningham's shoulders is probably still smaller and lighter than Chara.)  This is really an incredible story going on in Providence.  I don't know if it means anything for the NHL club (remember, the 1998-99 team that won the Calder Cup produced exactly zero players of significance for the NHL team at a time when they were desperate for depth), but it is great to see.

    As for Krug and his height, FWIW:

    Bouillion is an inch shorter but almost 20lbs heavier. M-A Bergeron (not a bad comparable, actually) is the same height but about 10lbs heavier.  Kris Russel and Ryan Ellis are an inch taller but a few pounds lighter.  Add to Campbell J-M Liles, Tobias Enstrom, Visnovsky, Timmonen, and Ian White as NHL regulars at 5'10".  So I don't think his height will be his problem.  He's very light, though, at 180 according to  I think shupe's lunch weighs 180, which is what Krug would be if he played against teams with a heavy forecheck - lunch.  Another 10lbs would get him into Campbell's territory, and M-A Bergeron's, which would help him hold up.  But if you look at that list of guys, they're all (ugh) PMD types except Bouillion, and that is how Krug will find his niche.

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    Re: Another win for the P-Bruins

    Lineups today were as follows:

    Tardif - Spooner - Koko

    Knight - Camper - Cunningham

    Lindblad - Whitfield - Fallstrom

    Florek - Hanson - Robins


    Cross - Miller

    Krug - Casto

    Trotman - Warsofsky




    Is Bourque hurt??