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    Searching everywhere I can't find any news on DK. GOD knows we need him but there is no news and Spooner is Okay but not 1st line or PP material yet. PC is being slow in trying to get help or can't make a decision who to give up to help now. The Bruins are starting to slump and a jump start is needed ASAP.

    Some fans are not seeing the begining of the fall but something has to happen to get the Bruins where they have to be. This team when heathy can be the best in the east but when key players get injured and others stop scoring the Bruins have to be more physical and play north south with a vengence or fall.

     The Bruins have to start to play like every game could be their last because a severe losing streak could put them out of the playoffs. Look at the Sens for inspiration because they have been good with their best out of the lineup.

    If you think I am all gloom and doom you could be right but the B's have to improve and be score more and get the PP going or there could be sadness for all.

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