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Are key players hurt?

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    Re: Are key players hurt?

    In my mind, Savard gets a total pass this year. PB took a FULL year to come back and play like the ALLSTAR he is.

    Lucic, I agree with you there. I don't know what his story is. He was running, and crunching everyone he saw. Now, a game where he delivers just 1! big time hit/game changing blow, is rare. He got his $$$$, and now thinks he's a sniper. That's hard for me to say as I consider him my 2nd favorite player on the team, but if he continues to play like his sister that will quickly change.
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    Re: Are key players hurt?

    I think Lucic is just to focused making sure he stays on the ice.  I really think he's one of those players who needs to play like a loose cannon to play his best.

    I totally agree with the thoughts on Krejci.  My fear is that he is just going to be plagued with injuries through out his career.  It the main reason I am open to moving him if the right deal came along.

    Savvy is a complete dud.  Bergeron was absolutely destroyed when he was hit several years back....perhaps Savards injury was worse then it appeared, there is obviously no way for us to tell, but he just doesn't fit in well with this squad.
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    Re: Are key players hurt?

    With the NHL teams making injured players a mystery with statements like undisclosed injury, or upper body injury, one has to think something is wrong with Horton, Chara, Lucic, and especially Savard.  Then one thinks oh well it is the result of the  parity driven NHL regular schedule that creates dull periods of play.  No hitting, like flag hockey, stick checking, overpassing and generally lackluster play.  Thus the players are playing as some say "zombies" on ice.  Then one may think stupidly that CJ may be just keeping the team off of the injured list by elicitng passive play for parts of the game.  All I know is I am pleased I am not a season ticket holder and endure watching the "disney on ice capades" like some on this blog.  The only thing I can say to sooth my own observations is that the football of the NFL is also passive even in the playoffs!