Time to move on from what was or could of been. Lets look at it now as a fresh look at what the team can do and be resonable. Ill assess my opinion.

The first line the khl line, has the ability to be as good as any line in the east, grant it call it a slump or whatever, they need to play to there capabilites, all i really see there is Lucic is the one that has to be the motivator and get his game going.

The 2nd, we all bergeron is the key here and the best at what he does, marchand has nights off lately but seems to be coming out of it and seguin as well, like last night played a physical game.

The 3rd line has been a mess all year, and that needs fixing and fast, even before kelly went down.

The 4th line as really no surprise to me, finally playing to there style and will be fine.

The defense right now is a mess also, i see ference as a guy who loses too many battles and gets pushed around alot and with JB and AM out, its a struggle, Johnson at least is steady. The call ups is the best they have and do what ya can with that.

The goaltending im not concerned about.

So if im PC im looking at a solid 3rd liner and a top 6 d man right now, try and stabllize this team to at least play on a 60 minute competetive level  into the playoffs.

Ive went thru the list of ufa's and who are trade bait and theres alot to be had that can be added to solidfy this teams chances. II like ryan whitney and ryan clowe but the price might be too steep also.