They played rather well in my opinion. Could easily have won.

Paille may never score again but he played a smart game. Seguin could learn a lot from him, just not goal scoring, lol.

Marchand really screwed up that 2 on 1 at the end of the 2nd. He should have just taken off rather than wait for Paille. It only helped ATL's backcheckers get back and break up the pass. This is what I mean about lack of aggression. They need to be more hungry for the net.

Ference was good too but had his best game in TB on Tuesday. He's been playing well. Sometimes I think the people who say he's doing nothing are only looking for goals.

PK was weak because the forwards were not covering the points close enough. If they had then Enstrom likely would not have gotten two. He, Byfuglien and Bogosian(sp) were too open. Forwards collapsing way too deep. Didn't help that ATL would switch to the umbrella formation and throw the killers off. Bruins were not ready. I'm wondering what Julien's strategy there was. With those backliners it only makes sense to pressure them.

All these posters thinking Horton is slacking, I think he's trying too hard. You can see him trying to be a playmaker; just go back to looking for a feed like earlier in the year. he needs to simple-up. His desire is there, confidence is not.

Nice to see the B's actually establish a forecheck. ATL's defensemen look much better on the downhill side of the redline, lol.

I'm already liking Kampfer better than Mark Stuart. With Kampfer you get rookie errors but he's not afraid to push the puck and move with the attack and he has lots of confidence. This team sooooo badly needs what he offers. Thomas can handle his rookie mistakes.