Attended the Bruins/Leaf game last night...

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    Attended the Bruins/Leaf game last night...

    One thing that stood out after going to the Bruin Leaf game last night, was the lack of toughness and physicality of this years Bruins team.  The last game I went to live was two years ago when the Bruins won the cup and the Bruins hit everything in site.   Last night Lucic didin't hit, Chara didn't hit, either does Horton, or Peverely, or Seidenberg, or really anyone.  The only Bruins who actually finished their checks were Ference and Campbell.  While the stinking Leafs hit us all over the rink, even Kadri smoked a couple of Bruins.  It was hard to watch.

    So the question is what has really changed.  McQuaid and Boychuck were out of the line up, and no Reching Ball or Pouliot.  We need to fill the open spots on the third line with tough hard to play against players.  Pandalfo is a real joke and Spooner is soft and not NHL ready thats for sure.  We need to get tougher.  The Leafs copied our blueprint, got tougher and it will show down the stretch.  Watching Thorton get pumelled 15 feet away was not what I wanted to see (good effort, but not a true heavy weight). 

    On the positive side there were hundreds of Bruins fans at the game and we didn't back down an inch from any Leaf hecklers.  I am starting to think Lucic isn't right as he disappointed me the most.  Lets hope Chirelli sees what I see and man's us up a little.

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    Re: Attended the Bruins/Leaf game last night...

    Yeah, KW, it's hard to watch right now.  Getting smoked by the Leafs stings.  I don't know what is wrong with the top line wingers, but there is no second round of the playoffs possible with them playing like this.