Awards - Masterton

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    Awards - Masterton

    So here's the list of all 30 nominees -

    Looks like the final Pitts nomination got changed, it's Crosby.

    To me there's really only one choice, Josh Harding. The guy has been fighting tooth and nail against his MS diagnosis to stay up in the bigs as Minny's backup. His new meds caused him to miss two months, and he still clawed his way back into the lineup. I have no idea how someone could still play goal when their brain and their spinal cord aren't communicating with each other properly.

    Andrei Markov would be my second choice.

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    Re: Awards - Masterton

    Crosby, Harding, and McQuaid as finalists.  And before someone cheers that Red is back, this post is from 2 weeks ago; it's just the most recent Masterton thread I could find.

    Hard not to figure Harding wins it.