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Beat it, Boozehound

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    Re: Beat it, Boozehound

    In response to asmaha's comment:

    We're better fans than this.

    Not sure what benefit there is to these types of comments. Every time a player leaves an organization, some writing clown makes these types of statements that tries to "tell it like it really is". Rubbish. It's worse than KPD trying to run Thornton out of town with every article.

    Another terrible article here:

    "Seguin was both a victim of sky-high expectations and rock-bottom effort."

    Really? Rock-bottom? Has this idiot ever watched 75% of the league during games in May?

    "The whispers and unattributed Tweets about his partying during the season, especially all that allegedly happened in the Toronto series, only added to the frustrations of both his teammates and Bruins fans who saw much more potential than production."

    Frustrations? Whispers. Ok. Who on the Bruins roster said anything about frustrations with Seguin ever? Name me one fan around here who attributed Seguin's Toronto series to gee, kid shouldn't be out drinking. This is all conjecture and 20/20 hindsight.

    "Here's the most important thing young Mr. Seguin needs to know about Dallas - last call is at 2 a.m."

    Great journalism there. Let's use a major newspaper column to say someone is an alcoholic without quoting sources and no direct proof that this is the case. Whispers.

    I'm not sad about this deal at all. I think after today I'll be quite happy with it. But the way this kid is being attacked on the way out of Boston is way out of line.


    sorry asmaha, some fans aren't better than this....  they've done it many times before with other players....  with some it's what have you done for the B'S lately....

    that said it doesn't surprise me because fans can be fickle....

    what i found surprising was PC calling out the kid....  this could've been kept inhouse....

    that said, i like the trade and only hope Tyler becomes the player he was supposed to become....  even if his time as a B'S was short, the kid still provided us with some memorable moments....

    too bad there won't be more....

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    Re: Beat it, Boozehound

    So it's been right in front of us the whole time -- if we wanted Seguin to go to the net -- they should have placed a couple bottles of JD in behind the opposing goalie. Bottom line -- I hate to see young top draft choices given up on so quickly but PC and company must have their reasons and hopefully know what is best for the team in the long run. 

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    Re: Beat it, Boozehound

    not into the character assasinations either, but people need to stop acting like we traded away wayne gretzsky and only got back steve heinze in return. there is a large enough sample size to tell you that something was going on. the return was more than good for what he is, not what he could be. let dallas dream about what seguin may become, let us enjoy what eriksson is (plus the cap room we inherited) and worry about what might have been later. having said that, all the best to tyler.

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    Re: Beat it, Boozehound

    In response to biggskye's comment:

       People seem to forget how young this kid is. If I was a millionaire by the age of 20, I may have been a party animal, too.

    If Chiarelli and Julien are not prepared to handle some immaturity in their young hockey players, maybe they should trade their #1 pick every year. I mean, before they draft someone, not after, like they do now.

    Watch out, Hamilton and Subban. You're next in line.

    Wait. These are just rumours about Seguin - that is all.

    HOWEVER, if true it cannot be dismissed as 'well, he's a 20 year old millionaire'...Bergeron started with the Bs at 18 and I don't believe I ever heard anything remotely similar to Seguin's tales. Many players start in the NHL at an early stage, but don't subject their teams to these public relation nightmares.

    If the rumours are true and the Bruins asked him to man up and act more professionally(as Chirelli has stated) - and Seguin did not take the advice, then PC probably felt his hand was forced..good luck in the big D Tyler. Looking forward to seeing Eriksson in Boston this year.