Benoit Pouliot Interview

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    Re: Benoit Pouliot Interview

    i want to see benny riding with bergy with a big chip on his shoulder.  you could have a french connection line if marchand continues to impersonate dollar phil and caron plays.

    segzy... he should be happy to play on the 3rd line w/ kelly and pev.   
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    Re: Benoit Pouliot Interview

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    In Response to Re: Benoit Pouliot Interview : Thanks Legion, my question should have been more clearer.  I had heard his defensive play was poor and the reason for the benchings etc.  Certainly over aggressive play does impact a player's postiional play.  I was wondering if it was fair criticism.  Pouliot seems to have potential as did Paille when he was acquired from Buffalo.  The Bs did well to acquire him after Ryder left town.  Low risk greater upside as a player.  
    Posted by islamorada

    Isla, this is absolutely right. For what he's being paid, Pouliot could be a decent signing if he simply duplicates last year's numbers. It makes sense that he and Paille make almost the same since both have put up nearly identical ppg so far in their careers. Paille has actually had the best goal scoring season of the 2 with 19 in 07-08 but I actually expect Pouliot to double Paille's totals if he sticks with the team. I think Paille is firmly entrenched in his 4th line checking role and Pouliot is likely to be given every opportunity to make line 2 ahead of Seguin. Either way, being on a 3rd line with Kelly and Pev would still give him far more scoring opportunities than Paille will be seeing on the 4th and PK time. I guess this was a long-winded way of saying I think Paille is worth the 1m he's paid and that I expect Pouliot to be well worth it too.